How To Make Time For Love While You’re Bossing Your Career

How To Make Time For Love While You’re Bossing Your Career ©iStock/vgajic

If your mind is always at work because you’re too busy annihilating the glass ceiling, it can be hard to find time to find anyone, let alone The One. If you’re ready to make some changes to your love life while staying on top, here are 14 ways to do it:

  1. Be hard on yourself and make some decisions.It’s OK if finding a life-partner or a long-term relationship isn’t your priority right now, but if it is, it’s time to accept that finding love is something you want to pursue. Accepting this honestly will immediately open your headspace and will help you stop feeling guilty for not working while you’re out meeting potential partners.
  2. Be patient.If you’ve been stacking up ladders and leap-frogging up them, it’s easy to forget how to date and how to love. Give yourself room to breathe and realize that it doesn’t happen overnight.
  3. Change your habits.Start small. Give yourself time and opportunities to meet new people. Changing the way your mind thinks about others is important, too — make it a habit to correct negative thoughts that tell you that pursuing love while pursuing a career is impossible.
  4. Put love on the agenda.If you have to, schedule dates and social gatherings in your calendar. Set alerts. You wouldn’t skip a meeting at work, and this is work, too — working towards your happiness.
  5. Reconsider your priorities.Take time to think. Ask yourself what you’re willing to say no to this month at work in return for being able to say yes to a date or social engagement where you might meet say someone.
  6. Reach out to your friends. If you feel like you don’t have time for hitting bars or singles mixers, tap your resources. Your friends will definitely know someone who knows someone who might be perfect for you.
  7. Don’t panic. This is self-explanatory.  Keep calm, because freaking out won’t get you anywhere personally or professionally.
  8. Give alternative methods a try. Yes, Tinder has a bad rep for one off hook-ups, but online dating success stories are undeniable. It’s also a great way to save time. Isn’t it better to get to know whether you’re interested in someone a little online before going to see someone in person?  Speed dating is another alternative method that can be fun, different, and save time.
  9. Learn to say the magic word: no. If you really want to make time for love, you have to be able to say ‘no’ when demands on you become unreasonable. It’s tempting to take on as much as possible, but saying no can be empowering and is important.
  10. Date people who are just as ambitious as you are. They’ll understand the struggle and will be supportive of you and your time constraints.
  11. Be honest about what you want out of life.Save time in the future by being clear and up front about what you want out of a relationship. If you don’t have time for casual dating and it’s not what you’re looking for, be kind but clear.
  12. Make one small but serious effort, every day.If you really feel like you can’t sacrifice any of your work time, then try to start small by making an attempt every day. Whether that’s downloading a dating app or getting in touch with old contacts who might know someone right for you — make one small move every day. They’ll soon snowball and bring you positive outcomes.
  13. Accept that sometimes you’re just too busy to date – and forgive yourself.Life isn’t static. If you’re trying to make time for love but it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that love isn’t for you, or is impossible for you to attain. Try again in a month or so, when you can change your priorities.
  14. You can teach an old dog new tricks.Don’t fall back into your old habits and negative cycles of thought. If you keep up your small steps and create new habits that center you and your pursuit of love, you’ll find that you’ll be exposed to more people and more likely to find another go-getter that you click with.