14 Weird Truths About Sex That Will Improve Your Sex Life

We all want some good sex in our lives, but wanting it and getting it are two different things. Luckily, knowledge really is power. Knowing some of these weird facts about sex could make it so much better for you and your partners. What do you have to lose?

  1. Socks can help you orgasm. Who knew warm feet were so important? According to Maxim and researchers at the University of Groningen, 80% of couples reached that blissful peak with socks on while 50% of couples who copulated sans socks were left high and dry (pun intended). There’s no explanation for why the sock-clad had better luck but it’s worth a try.
  2. His shoe size is not a good indicator of penis size. Forget about this outdated and frankly rather false idea. Statistically, there has been no correlation between the two measurements. Sorry ladies, you’ll just have to find out the old-fashioned way.
  3. A woman’s clitoris has 7,000 nerve endingsWhoever had the unlucky job of counting that is a damn hero. We have more nerves in that one precious bundle of happiness than we do in any other body part and yet so man guys still can’t figure it out. Sigh.
  4. Condom size really does matter. Condoms often break because men purchase the wrong size. Tell your guy to get over his insecurities and get the right size or else welcome the possibility of being a dad.
  5. Lesbians have the most orgasms. Not saying you should switch sides, but maybe your guy can learn a thing or two from the lesbians of the world. According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 75% of lesbians got their happy ending while straight women only climaxed 58% of the time.
  6. Women have a higher chance of cheating when ovulating. The rush of hormones can cause women to become really horny, so it’s around this time we may be tempted to stray, especially if we aren’t being satisfied by our partners. Maybe knowing this fact can help women realize why we feel the way we do and avoid making a decision we’ll regret. Furthermore, this is when men need to step up and perform.
  7. Older, educated women are more likely to like anal sex. The Journal of Sexual Medicine strikes again with a study that found higher age and education were both factors that determined which heterosexual women enjoy anal sex. This was equally represented among all races and ethnic backgrounds, so it seems like everyone might like a little backdoor action.
  8. Some women need a little more help to orgasm. The shape of a woman’s vagina can actually affect her ability to orgasm. Some women cannot orgasm just from penetration alone. In fact, only 25% of women have that fortuitous skill. So men, get over that frail ego of yours and help your partner get her O.
  9. Don’t shave your pubes—they’re there to protect you. Captain America’s shield’s got nothing on our pubic hairs when it comes to defending you from STDs and bacterial infections. They’re there for a reason; it’s our sensitive sensibilities that has us reaching for the razor.
  10. Guys shrink as they get older. If you find that your long-term partner isn’t as satisfying as he used to be, it may be because he’s gotten older. According to WebMD, guys can actually experience penis shrinkage as they age. Additionally, his member can also become more curved. It’s not something you can really help, but knowing this info can help avoid an unpleasant surprise in the future and give you time and the ability to work around it.
  11. Men who smoke have weaker penises. Smokers tend to have slower sexual responses, including ejaculation, but they also have weaker boners that don’t last very long, as illustrated by a study published in BJU International. So ladies, get your guy a patch ASAP—it won’t just be good for your sex life but for his overall health too.
  12. Condoms are not vegan-friendly. Just as a heads-up, latex condoms are made with milk products and are therefore NOT vegan-friendly. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that are, so you’re good to go.
  13. Vaginas are really long and they can expand. If a vagina can squeeze a person through it, then it can take 5-inch penis (which is average) pretty easily. At rest, a woman’s vagina is about 4 inches long, but it can expand up to 200% when she’s horny. Therefore, foreplay can be very important in making sex pleasurable for both parties. It’s not too much to ask for, guys, is it?
  14. Drunk sex is never better. You may lose your inhibitions while drunk, leading you to believe sex will be better, but in reality, all of your mental, physical, and sexual capacities are just slower and weaker, so sex is just laborious and time-consuming. Frankly, you probably won’t remember it anyway, so don’t bother.
Ginnifer Bronstein is a freelance writer from New York. She enjoys writing about relationships, entertainment, and fiction. Her goal in life is to travel the world and be an accomplished writer, but she'll settle for stopping and smelling the roses.