15 Chick Flicks Your Boyfriend Actually Wants To Watch, According To A Guy

It’s not always easy for couples to agree on the movies they watch together. In the beginning, women typically have the advantage and can coerce us guys into watching whatever you want. However, we tend to become more stubborn about watching so-called “chick flicks” the deeper they get into a relationship. The trick is finding movies that both you and your partner can enjoy. To help you out, I’ve come up with a list of chick-flickish rom-coms that your boyfriend will like, even if he doesn’t admit it.

  1. Sixteen Candles This movie is a classic that transcends gender, age, or sexuality. If your boyfriend can’t appreciate it as a throwback to his high school days, there’s something wrong with him. If nothing else, he should be able to appreciate seeing Molly Ringwald in her younger days.
  2. Crazy, Stupid, Love Okay, so Crazy, Stupid, Love is kind of stupid and a little bit crazy, but that’s why it’s appealing to a wide audience. Obviously, you ladies will enjoy Ryan Gosling in all his six-pack glory and his quirky relationship with Emma Stone. Meanwhile, your boyfriend can the humor from Gosling and Steve Carrell. You won’t like the same thing, but at least there’s something for everyone.
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall I’m not even convinced that Forgetting Sarah Marshall qualifies as a chick flick. It’s just a hilarious movie with a lot of familiar faces and just enough heart to make both you and your boyfriend satisfied.
  4. Cruel Intentions Yes, your boyfriend will get onboard with watching this one because of that famous scene between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar, but that’s just one minute of the movie. The rest is a compelling story with some top-notch actors and intriguing themes. Admittedly, this movie is a little old, but it’s held up well.
  5. Mean Girls This is another one that may not even qualify as a chick flick. Of course, it was written by a woman and stars several well-known female movie stars. On top of that, it’s hilarious and endlessly entertaining. If your boyfriend doesn’t like Mean Girls or refuses to watch it, there might be something wrong with him.
  6. The Notebook It’s important to keep in mind that your boyfriend will never admit to liking this movie. He knows it’s something you’ll use against him if you ever break up. Still, we all know that you have to be dead inside to not feel something while this movie. Also, odds are your boyfriend is a fan of Rachel McAdams, which should be enough to convince him to begrudgingly watch it with you.
  7. (500) Days of Summer If there’s a chance you and your boyfriend will break up soon, this movie will be crazy awkward to watch together. However, if you two are rock solid and totally in love, (500) Days of Summer is an amazing movie to watch together. Deep down, most of us guys identify with just about any Joseph Gordon Levitt characters, so there’s a good chance your boyfriend will like this movie.
  8. The Big Sick If you haven’t seen The Big Sick, you’re missing out on something. You should know ahead of time that there’s a happy ending, and leading up to that, there’s a lot of awkward humor and touching scenes. Ultimately, the comedy should be enough to outweigh the sentimentality for your boyfriend’s sake.
  9. Remember Me Yes, things will get emotional and tears will need to be wiped at the end of this movie. Also, your boyfriend may not be crazy about Robert Pattinson, but his character is actually likable and the story is good enough for a good boyfriend to sit through.
  10. Something Borrowed Admittedly, this could be a tough sell as it doesn’t get much more chick-flicky than Something Borrowed. But your boyfriend finds John Krasinski to be a cool guy, right? Plus, there should be enough laughs for him to stomach this one.
  11. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Again, this could be a tough movie to sell to your boyfriend. However, there are plenty of attractive women in it, so that’s something. Plus, the likes of Chris Rock, Rob Huebel, and Thomas Lennon bring the comedy, which makes this movie surprisingly enjoyable for guys.
  12. Lars and the Real Girl Okay, so this is a weird movie that will make you see Ryan Gosling in a new light, but it’s charming and enjoyable. Plus, your boyfriend will enjoy the fact that he has a girlfriend who’s a real person and not a doll, so everybody wins in the end!
  13. Silver Linings Playbook This has all the sentimentality of a classic chick flick, but the road to get there should be enjoyable for everyone. So few movies are able to combine football and mental illness, and that’s something most guys should be able to appreciate.
  14. Bridesmaids Honestly, I kind of hate calling Bridemaids a chick flick. Yes, there are some chick flickish elements in it, but more than anything, it’s just a hilarious movie. I date anyone to watch Kristen Wiig on the airplane and not bust a gut. It’s as funny as any male buddy movie, and seriously, if your boyfriend doesn’t like this, he might be a sexist.
  15. Friends with Benefits This is another movie that’s funny enough to not even be categorized as a chick flick. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’ve been dating your boyfriend a while and your relationship is on stable ground before watching this. Otherwise, he might get some ideas.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.