15 Creative Ways To Be Romantic With The Person You Like

Whether you’re in a relationship or are simply crushing on a special person, doing something romantic for them can go a long way. Not only will it make it clear how you feel about them but treating them to something will make them feel special and appreciated. Who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor! Here are 15 creative ideas for how to be romantic with your significant other.


Send Him A Love Note In The Mail. Hardly anyone sends mail nowadays, which is why this gesture will be extra romantic. Write him a letter expressing your feelings and pop it in the mail. He’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive something out of the blue and even more flattered when he reads the contents of the letter.

Write ‘I Love You’ In The Steamy Bathroom Mirror.

If the two of you live together, take advantage of the time your significant other is in the shower. Before he gets out, use the foggy mirror from steam to write ‘I Love You’ in big letters that he’ll see immediately when stepping out of the shower. He’ll love the simple yet romantic gesture.

Write A Poem & Google Translate It.  

Even if you’re not a poet, translating your words into a foreign language will instantly catch his ear. Try a language known for sounding romantic, like French. Write a few sweet lines or even copy your favorite love song and then recite it in front of him. You’ll both get a kick out of how bad your pronunciation is.

Show Him Your Favorite Childhood Spots.

If you want to help him get to know you better, take him on a tour of your hometown. Fill him in on all of the stories that happened in each spot. The two you will love the new memories that you’ve created in these locations that are now important to both of you.

Have A Board Game Night & Make It Competitive.

Bring out your favorite board games but put a twist on it. Make it a competition by suggesting a good prize if he wins and vice versa, but make sure to make it romantic. Suggest you’ll give him a back massage if he wins or he has to cook you a meal from scratch if you take home the prize.

Burn A CD Of Your Favorite Songs Together.

Sure, you can simply make a playlist on Spotify, but it shows more effort to go ahead and burn an entire CD. Pick out songs that have meaning to the two of you (or ones you want to become special). Add a few romantic songs in there that the two of you can slow dance to in the living room.

Surprise Him During A Work Break.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference. Figure out when he has a break and work and come surprise him. Bring him something like food or chocolate to make it extra special. You can even go all out and create a little picnic setting outside of his work building to really impress him.

Give Him A Coupon Book Of ‘I Owe You.’

Get some craft materials and put together an aesthetic book filled with coupons of things you owe him. One coupon could be for a home cooked meal, while another could promise him he can choose what to watch on T.V. Not only will this be romantic in the moment, but you’ll create long-lasting memories as he goes through the book to redeem the coupons.

Write Him A Cheesy Song Expressing Your Love.

You don’t have to be a musician to put a song together. In fact, if you’re not musically inclined, it will show even more effort on your part. Start by writing down some lines expressing how you feel to him then put them to a melody. You can even borrow the chords and melody of your favorite love song if you’re really struggling to put something together.

Plant A Tree Together & Watch It Grow.

Whether it’s your backyard or a local park, plant a tree or another type of plant to symbolize your love. Tell your significant other that just as the tree grows, so will your love as it blossoms the more the two of you get to know each other. Then, you can continue to visit the tree to bask in your romantic memory.

Place An Ad In The Paper Declaring Your Love.

If you know your guy is an avid newspaper reader, give him a surprise he’s sure to see. Buy an ad in the newspaper to declare your love for him. You can make it a secret message or go the bold route by clearly stating your feelings. He’s bound to appreciate such a public gesture.

Kidnap Him & Surprise Him With A Picnic.

Making something a surprise instantly makes it more exciting. Don’t tell him where you’re going and instead lead him to a local park where a beautiful picnic is awaiting him. Make sure to pack all of his favorite foods so that you can sweetly hand feed each other in the romantic setting.

Set Up A Themed Date Night At Home.

There’s no need to go far to create a special moment, especially amid global lockdowns. Create a themed date night in the comfort of your own home. Go for a theme you know he’d adore, whether it’s a Star Wars movie night or a jam session filled with his favorite musicians.

Make A Scrapbook Of Your Favorite Memories. 

Give him something he can keep forever by gifting him a scrapbook of your favorite memories. Try to collect as much as you can, from receipts to ticket stubs, to fill the book with. Then gift him the final product. Alternatively, you could collect all the supplies and then surprise him with a scrapbooking session in which the two of you create a book together.

Surprise Him With Breakfast In Bed. 

Finally, consider giving him a positive start to the day by bringing him breakfast in bed. Especially after an exciting romp the night before, he’ll appreciate being treated to his favorite breakfast foods. You can even try making him a fancy drink like a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa to go the extra mile.

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