15 Different Types Of Kisses And What They Mean

Kissing, when it’s a good kiss, is one of the most enjoyable, sensual experiences you can have. From a brief forehead kiss to a hot steamy french kiss, relationships are defined by locking lips. Every kiss has a meaning attached to it and that depends on who it’s coming from and where they’re kissing you. Here are different types of kisses and what they signify.

A kiss on the hand Of all the different types of kisses, this is certainly the most chivalrous. Hand kisses may appear old-fashioned but they’re most definitely not. Here, the kisser, who’s usually a man, takes his lady’s hand and plants a soft kiss on the back of her palm. Not only does it prove that he’s a gentleman but it also signifies admiration, respect, and loyalty. It’s also a very sweet and adorable way for a man to show you just how much he loves and adores you. If he ever does this on your first date, it means he cares about you deeply and is interested in taking things further with you.

Kiss on the forehead When your partner kisses you unexpectedly on your forehead, it means that he adores, respects, loves, and trusts you. And no, you don’t need to do anything in return. You just sit and savor the feeling. In addition, if you’re currently going through a rough phase, forehead kisses are your partner’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m going to be here for you through every step, holding and supporting you.”

French kiss This is the king of all kisses and the reason is pretty obvious. It involves a lot of tongue action fueled by an intense romantic passion and desire. Of all the different types of kisses, this one signifies that your partner finds you incredibly sexy and desirable and wants you in every sense of the word. You clearly turn him on and he can’t contain himself.

Neck kisses This type of kiss is usually an offshoot of a french kiss when done inside the bedroom. From kissing you so passionately, your partner moves down to your neck, building more anticipation for the hot steamy sex that will likely follow afterward. Neck kisses mean that your partner finds you hella attractive and wants to make love to you. Because of the erotic nature of the kiss, this one is very rare on first dates or at the early stages of a relationship when you’re yet to share a truly intimate moment.

A simple peck It’s a simple kiss on your lips that says, “Yes, I’m interested in you but maybe we should take things slowly.” Pecks are usually a go-to kiss on a first date, perhaps with your crush and he wants to let you know that he finds you attractive. It’s also a usual kiss when you need your partner’s attention but he has something that he needs to attend to urgently.

Single lip kiss As the name implies, single lip kisses involve sucking your partner’s lips softly. It’s playful yet erotic and passionate and simply means that you both find yourselves attractive and are really into each other. Because the kiss is erotic and passionate, it’s usually preceded by steamy lovemaking. This is different to pecking kisses in that they’re more intentional and can linger longer.

Nibble kiss This is also a lovers’ kiss and involves softly biting your partner’s lips or their earlobes. They’re cute and at the same time passionate and erotic. It means that the thought of your partner turns you on. That’s why in most cases, nibble kisses end with a French kiss. Just be careful not to use too much teeth!

Talk kissing Kissing while talking is specially reserved for lovers. Here, you whisper into your lover’s mouth or ears while kissing them deeply. You could say a lot of dirty and erotic words just to get your partner in the mood. Talk kissing means you find you find your partner so desirable but you want to take things slow and carefully build the anticipation for what is to come next.

Eye kiss Also known as an angel kiss, an eye kiss is placed on your partner’s closed eyelids. This kiss happens when you’ve started connecting deeply with your partner and the relationship has become serious. It indicates how fond your partner is of you and is such an adorable way to wake you up in the morning.

A kiss on the shoulder When your partner kisses you on your shoulder, it’s a sign that he’s incredibly attracted to you sexually. Perhaps you’re out on a date and you’re dressed in a red off-the-shoulder dress, reaching down to kiss you on your shoulder means that he’s so turned on staring at you and can’t wait to heat things up once you get home. When he does it in front of everyone, it also shows how much devotion, admiration, and respect he has for you.

Eskimo kiss At first, this was a form of greeting in the Inuit culture but has become a friendly gesture between lovers and even friends. You’ll usually share this type of kiss with your partner in a fun moment as it indicates fondness and affection.

Butterfly kiss Here, you bring your partner’s face closer to yours and then flutter your eyelashes against his skin or eyelids. It expresses affection, fondness, and love for your partner.

Lizard kiss This is definitely one of the adventurous kisses and one shared when you and your lover have dated for a while. It involves your partner sticking his tongue in and out of your mouth quickly and is usually added to a makeout session. The kiss carries an erotic meaning and indicates just how sexy your partner finds you.

Spider-Man kiss This kiss originated from the popular movie scene where Spider-Man kissed Mary Jane while hanging upside down. If you want to be more adventurous with your partner, you can recreate the scene. Otherwise, the kiss can also be down with one of you lying down while the other person stands above them.

Air kiss Also known as blowing kisses, air kisses can be quite flirty, especially if you’re out on a first date with your crush. Aside from that, it could also be a friendly way of saying goodbye to your crush.

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