15 Gifts Your Boyfriend Would Be Thrilled To Get From You, According To A Guy

Gift giving can be a tricky part of any relationship. You want to get your partner something he’ll like but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Admittedly, all men are different and like different things, but when all else fails, here are 15 gifts that just about any guy would love to receive from his girlfriend.

  1. Breakfast in bed Who would ever say no to receiving breakfast in bed? This may not fly as your only present but it’s a good start and takes some pressure off any other gifts. Plus, if you get the feeling your boyfriend needs a little TLC, this is a doubly good idea.
  2. A surprise party Not everyone appreciates a surprise party but a lot of guys have never had one so it might be worth a try. If you can get all of his friends in one place and make sure you’re there to drive him home at the end of the night, it’ll be the perfect birthday present.
  3. A retro gaming system Deep down, we all want to be 12 years old again. For most guys, that means playing video games without a care in the world. Thus, getting your boyfriend a retro gaming system like Nintendo or Sega would be a great gift. Hopefully he doesn’t start playing it 24/7 and ignoring you. Still, he’ll love the fact that you got him something to remind him of his youth.
  4. Bacon If you want to incorporate cooking into your present, make sure you include bacon. Any meal, any time, no one is going to say no to bacon (unless he’s a vegan). In fact, just giving him a plate of bacon could be considered a gift.
  5. A beard grooming kit If your boyfriend has facial hair but could use a little more grooming, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Most guys will appreciate the gift without even noticing that you’re hinting that they need to up their grooming game.
  6. A mini-pool table We all can’t fit a full-sized billiard table into our room but there are mini-pool tables available and they can be the next best thing. Surely you don’t want your boyfriend going off to some dingy pool hall every time he wants to have a little fun. This gift will help him unwind without having to leave the house.
  7. A pocket knife What’s the deal with men and knives? To be honest, I can’t fully explain it, but I do know that no guy is going to say no to a brand new pocket knife. When in doubt, this is a great gift for any guy.
  8. Cologne Ladies, this is another way to give a nice gift and make your guy more appealing at the same time. If there’s a specific scent you want your boyfriend to have, just give him cologne as a gift. Most guys will be happy to have some new cologne, especially since they didn’t have to go through the process of picking one out.
  9. Whiskey glasses and stones OK, so if your boyfriend is sober, this isn’t going to work. If he does drink moderately, however, no guy is going to say no to having a nice set of whiskey glasses and stones in his home. Even if he’s not a huge drinker, he’ll put them to good use.
  10. Sexy time Sure, this may seem a little crass, but there’s nothing wrong with a present you give your boyfriend between the sheets. As long as you find a way to make it special, it can qualify as a gift. In fact, it’s probably the best way to guarantee he likes the gift you give him.
  11. Sunglasses Even if you live someplace where the sun rarely shines, every guy appreciates a cool pair of shades. As long as they’re a nice pair that won’t fall apart on him, most guys will like this gift.
  12. A leather jacket Here’s a secret about all guys: deep down, we all want to be like The Fonze. That means having a cool leather jacket. Even if your guy doesn’t seem like the leather jacket type, you might be surprised when he loves getting one as a gift.
  13. A personalized flask Yes, alcohol seems to be a part of a lot of these gifts, but as long as your boyfriend doesn’t have a problem, it’s fine. Many guys might have a flask already but they’re not going to say no to one with their name on it and any other message you want to put on it. Plus, if you give your boyfriend a personalized flask, he’ll think of you every time he sneaks it into the movies. That’s love, right?
  14. A vacation There may be no better surprise gift than giving your boyfriend a vacation that he didn’t have to plan (or pay for). Don’t worry if you can’t afford a trip to Hawaii or a Caribbean cruise. If money is tight, just save up enough for a weekend getaway someplace he’s always wanted to visit.
  15. Sports tickets If you can afford season tickets to his favorite team, that’d be an amazing gift. If not, just splurge on tickets to one game but with expensive seats close to the action. Even if there’s a little road trip involved, any guy would love a woman who indulges his love of sports with a gift like this.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.