15 Resolutions For Couples In 2016

You’ve probably already made (and forgotten about) your 2016 resolutions, but do any of them apply to your relationship? Couples need resolutions, too. Why not make this the year you strengthen your partnership and feel closer than ever? It’s never too late to start, and it’s a good way to freshen things up.

  1. Show more gratitude. How often do you say “thank you” to each other? It’s a simple thing, but the less we say it, the more we feel taken for granted. Make an effort to say “thank you” when he takes out the trash or helps cook dinner.
  2. Let the small things go. Some things just aren’t worth fighting over. So what if he sips his soup weird? Are you still holding a grudge for that time he forgot your birthday? Let it all go. Fighting over petty things solves nothing. If it’s really important, talk it out calmly.
  3. Disconnect to truly connect. Start putting your phones down and spend some time together. Why text when you could talk? Give each other more face-to-face time and you’ll feel closer than you’ve been in years.
  4. Get physical beyond sex. Sex is fun, but there are other ways to be physical. Odds are, at least one of you made a resolution to be healthier or lose weight. Why not do it together? Go for a daily run or try out some online workout videos together. It’s fun and you’ll keep each other motivated.
  5. Save important conversations for face-to-face. Arguments, bad news, or any other important conversations shouldn’t be over the phone or even worse, via text. Whenever possible, save the big things for when you’re actually in front of each other. It’s far easier to judge emotions and tone this way. Plus, it’s just more respectful.
  6. Say “I love you” often. Along the way, you stop saying those three little words as much because you just assume the other person knows. Make 2016 the year that you start saying it again and often. It means more than you know. Besides, wouldn’t you rather say it than wonder if your partner knows how you truly feel?
  7. Volunteer together. Helping others makes you feel great. Doing it as a couple makes you both feel great and it gives you a chance to do something important together. You’ll connect more while doing something that’s important to both of you.
  8. Talk more, argue less. Fighting is inevitable, but everything doesn’t need to turn into a major fight. Think before you yell or accuse. Sit down together and try to calmly talk about what’s wrong. It’ll be hard at first, but the less you fight, the better you’ll both feel.
  9. Find time for making out. When you’re both busy with other things, quickies become the norm. Remember how much fun making out was when you were a teenager? You don’t always have to have sex. Just make out on the couch while watching a movie. It’ll spice things up and may even lead to more sex.
  10. Break two bad habits. We all have bad habits we’d love to break. Come up with one bad habit each and work together to break them. Having the support makes it easier, especially when you’re both doing it at the same time.
  11. Pencil in some fun time. It doesn’t matter how busy you both are, you need to have fun. Plan a game night for the two of you or with some friends. Go to a park and fly a kite. Just do something fun and out of the norm. You know, something besides just watching TV or playing games on your phone.
  12. Play a fun vacation or staycation. Even if money’s tight, you can still plan a great vacation or staycation for the two of you. Take a few days off and go to free events in your area for the day. Go visit friends. Or stay home, turn off your phones and spend some quality time together.
  13. Spice things up in the kitchen. Cooking together is both fun and oddly intimate. Try cooking together at least once a week. It gives you a chance to talk and learn more about what your partner likes to eat. It’s also a great excuse to try something new.
  14. Never part without a hug or kiss. Hurrying out the door when you’re late for work usually means yelling bye and you’re gone. Not any more. Make it part of your routine to hug or kiss each other before leaving. It’s sweet and reminds your partner how much you love them.
  15. Get back to dating. Dating isn’t just for new couples. Do something fun and romantic once in a while. It changes up the routine and keeps the passion alive. Try something creative or if funds are tight, try some of these fun, cheap date ideas instead.
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