15 Sexiest Movies To Watch When You Want To Get Hot And Steamy With Someone

Want a steamy session with your crush or lover? If you’re planning to Netflix and chill with someone you fancy, there are a handful of movies laced with beautiful characters and romantic and erotic moments that will get you in the mood. These are the sexiest movies to watch to get you going.

  1. Fifty shades of Grey This movie adaptation of the popular erotic book of the same name by E. L. James is a great place to start. The pairing of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will get you gasping for breath in minutes. The story chronicles the hot, sex-filled relationship between naive Anna and the dominant billionaire dashing hero Christian Grey. If you’re a lover of kinky sex, BDSM, and some whips, then you’ll certainly enjoy this movie. Pretty much every straight woman between the ages of 30 and 60 would put this at the top of their list of sexiest movies.
  2. 365 days You don’t want to miss this movie if you’re seeking a Netflix and chill session with your lover that will end in the bedroom. It’ll ignite your sex drive with its erotic display, nudity, and mind-blowing sex scenes. The polish love story narrates the encounter between a girl and her captor-turned lover, all in one year.
  3. Friends with Benefits Who says regular sweet romance stories can’t get you hot and bothered? The 2011 romantic comedy starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake is one of those mushy love stories that have the perfect blend of sex, erotic lines, and wet kisses. This movie is going to make you pin your partner to the couch and cover his face with wet kisses. It’s one of the less conventional additions to the list of sexiest movies, but it definitely belongs there.
  4. After (the sequels) This college love story is not as innocent as the name suggests — it’s one of the sexiest movies ever. After has an interesting plot spiced with hot steamy scenes that will get your heart racing. It tells the story of an inexperienced college girl- Tessa and the arrogant sexy Hardin who placed a bet to get her in his bed.
  5. Mr/Mrs. Smith If you’re looking for a movie that combines great action scenes with visually stimulating sex scenes, then you should settle for this epic combo starring the amazing Angelina Jolie and the very sultry Brad Pitt. It has all the entertainment you could want plus enough sexy sass to get you peeling off each other’s clothes in no time. Plus, it’s easily one of the sexiest movies just because of its two stars!
  6. Addicted One of the sexiest movies on this list hands down, Addicted tells the story of a woman who’s, well, addicted to the guilty pleasures of sex and can’t seem to get enough of it. It follows her many affairs in her marriage and how she struggles to stay faithful to her husband. This movie is guaranteed to get your hands wandering on each other’s bodies with its hot, graphic representation of carnal pleasure.
  7. The Wolf of Wall Street While the movie has a lot to say about the financial world. It speaks quite lucidly about sex, eroticism, and bedroom affairs. While you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it on a list of sexiest movies, if you’ve watched The Wolf of Wall Street, you’ll understand why it’s there.

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  1. Bridgerton While it’s actually a TV series rather than a movie, Bridgerton is sure to set your heart and panties on fire with its romantic and sex scenes. The passionate display of lust in many of the scenes is sure to get you and your partner excited. This is a show you probably won’t make it more than a few episodes through since you’ll want to jump each other’s bones pretty quickly.
  2. Newness If you feel you’re in a rut in your relationship and need an extra touch, Newness will do the magic. It chronicles the story of a couple who want to revive the spark in the relationship and opt for dangerous sexy games and dares that change everything. This movie has all it takes to get you in the mood.
  3. Below her mouth If you’re a lesbian or enjoy a good lesbian flick, this is one of the sexiest movies you could ever watch. The story is centered on a lesbian woman and her “straight” lover. Its intense sex scenes will get you itching to run your hands down your partner’s body and set the lust sparks flying in the room.
  4. Fifty shades darker Anna and Christian’s love story gets darker and deeper with the second sequel of the Fifty Shades story. The couple reunites and takes the lust in their relationship a notch higher. This movie delivers on many levels including dialogue, color, sex scenes, and the BDSM spice that changes everything. Some people think it’s not as good as the original, but it’s still worthy of its spot on the list of sexiest movies.
  5. Power This movie centers on family dynamics but it still contains plenty of eroticism-packed scenes. When a drug dealer falls hard for his high school sweetheart and decides to steal a few kisses from the forbidden fruit, it gets dirty and even dirtier when the wife decides to get payback for his philandering ways. This movie combines action and sex so well that it will leave you in a daze. That is, if you finish it!
  6. Spartacus If you want a movie set in a different time that still delivers on sexy hot scenes, Spartacus is the movie you want. This movie tells an ancient story about the Spartans but doesn’t leave out any details on their hot sex lives. There’s group sex, threesomes, and pretty much every other intense act you could think of.
  7. 365 days 2 What’s better than sex? More sex. The sequel of 365 Days considers your erotic desires and delivers on all of them. It tells the story of what happened after the heroine from the original movie is presumed dead. However, it doesn’t leave out the intense, mind-blowing sex — that’s included in nearly every scene!
  8. The last American virgin If you don’t mind laughing while you make out, you should consider going for this comedy movie that tells the story of a virgin man who decides to delve into the world of carnal pleasure. There’s a mixture of laughter, steamy scenes, and great lines you’ll love. It may not be as overtly hot as others on this list, but it’s still well-worth watching.