15 Signs You’re Making Progress In Life, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

15 Signs You’re Making Progress In Life, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

It can feel really tough when you’re on a self-improvement journey: lots of ups and downs, some discomfort, and probably a little bit of fear. Unfortunately, all of those things make it extra hard to see and appreciate all of the progress you’ve made along the way. Well, we’re not letting that happen anymore, so we’re sharing the 15 signs that show you’re making progress in life.

1. You celebrate yourself

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Humans often look at the big picture. So much so, that they tend to overlook the little things in life. But you’re really good at acknowledging your wins, even the small ones! That shows that you’ve learned progress can mean more than one thing and that the tiny day-to-day wins are all a part of the journey.

2. You have a growth mindset

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Some people think with a fixed mindset, meaning they think their skills are unchangeable. Then there are the other people, like you, who operate under a growth mindset, meaning you think your skills can be developed. You view challenges as opportunities and that’s a huge feat! Being able to make that shift shows so much progress.

3. You’re more self-aware

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You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone and that’s huge. Self-identifying the areas you want to improve in is a major sign of progress and leads to making more intentional decisions (which leads to more progress!).

4. You’re open to learning

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If you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn new things and see stuff from a different perspective then you’re definitely evolving. You know that everything you learn can be used to improve and that’s amazing.

5. You take initiative

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There have probably been lots of times in life when you felt stuck like nothing was changing. But now? You’re taking active steps to reach your goals (big and small) and that’s a huge piece of the making progress puzzle. Bravo.

6. You embrace change

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They say that change is one of the only constants in life. A huge indicator of making progress is how you react to that change. Before, you might’ve resisted it at all costs. But now, you welcome it with open arms because even when things seem to be falling apart, you trust that something better will fall together.

7. You’re facing different problems

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We’re sure you know by now that not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Even when you’re killing it in life, there’s always going to be something else to overcome. But instead of bumping up against the same issues that you used to, you’ve uncovered new (but totally handleable) problems—this shows that you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone to improve.

8. You feel grateful

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When you look at where you are right now, you don’t immediately think, “Wow I have so far to go.” Nope, you think “Look how far I’ve come!” You’ve learned to cultivate gratitude for the present moment and also that progress (even the tiniest bit) is something to pause and be thankful for.

9. You prioritize yourself

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A huge part of making progress in life is having balance. Maybe you’ve chosen to go to sleep a little earlier instead of working on stuff till the wee hours of the morning. Maybe you’ve started preparing full meals instead of snacking all day. Either way, you’ve chosen you and know that every time you invest in your current self, you’re bettering your future self.

10. You’ve learned from your mistakes

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Pre-progress you might’ve looked at your mistakes as failures. But now, you see your mistakes as lessons. When you mess up, instead of feeling down, you see it as an opportunity to bet better next time. If that’s not progress, we don’t know what is.

11. You set boundaries

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You know that setting and upholding your boundaries isn’t just about saying “no,” it’s about understanding and respecting your own needs. Part of improving is realizing that putting yourself first won’t push everyone away, it just brings the ones who value you closer.

12. You value the relationships in your life

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Before, it was all about being social and going after new and exciting connections. Now, you’re able to see which relationships are genuine and which aren’t. You’re aware of the people who stuck by you in the hard times and the people who didn’t. You value quality over quantity and that’s a sign of moving forward.

13. You can embrace your flaws

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Everyone has flaws, but some people have a harder time embracing them. Not you, though! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’ve made progress and the more you progress, the less you pay attention to minor “weaknesses.”

14. You don’t compare yourself

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You used to compare yourself to everyone and their mother. We get it, comparison is a natural human tendency. But you’ve learned that you’re on your own unique journey and what other people have isn’t necessarily what you want. You’ve progressed to the point that you can acknowledge other people’s wins without negating your own.

15. You no longer fear the future

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When you’re stagnant, the future can seem really scary because it’s a huge question mark. But when you make progress (no matter how small), you start looking forward to the future and things become more clear. Even if you are dealing with challenges, you know they won’t last forever.

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