15 Types Of Single Girls You’ve Either Met Or Been

15 Types Of Single Girls You’ve Either Met Or Been ©iStock/Filadendron

Being single is great, but the longer you’re relationship-free, the more it changes you. If you’ve been rolling solo for a while, chances are you’ve probably embodied one of these single girl types before — and if you have a bunch of single friends, you’ll probably recognize some of them here too:

  1. The Manhater. Ooh, she has been BURNT. She’s gone through some serious crap and she now believes that men are the enemy. Guys tend to avoid her simply because she gives off vibes of anger towards them. When she’s not seething with rage and hatred for the male gender, she’s infamous for her standoffish demeanor. Until this girl learns to get over what happened to her, she’s going to stay single.
  2. Ms. Fling. This is that one single girl who really, truly, honestly doesn’t like relationships. She’ll have a fling, sure, but she’s not going to be tied down by anyone. She honestly loves single life to the point that she won’t want to give it up.
  3. Ms. Desperate. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Ms. Desperate. She wants a relationship so badly that she’s willing to settle for anything that breathes. Unfortunately, desperation is not sexy, and she’s going to stay single until she learns how to hide that desperation.
  4. The Total Catch. This is the girl that has her life in order. She’s got the good career, the nice place, the car, and the good looks and personality that make her a total catch. The only reason she’s single is because she just hasn’t met the right guy yet. Until she does, she’s enjoying life and improving herself.
  5. The Single Partier. Ever have a single friend who basically lives to hang out with her fellow single ladies? This is that girl. She’s the type of girl who blasts Beyonce’s “Formation” as she’s getting ready to party, and she’s also the girl who somehow magically can produce a flask out of her purse at a moment’s notice. She’s fun, she’s flirty, and she’s always the life of a party. She just has to find a party animal that can keep up with her, that’s all.
  6. Ms. Overlooked. This is that one single girl who has a heart of gold but always seems to be overlooked by guys for one reason or another. It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but it’s a fact of life. The good news is that most single girls in this category do eventually find a guy who appreciates them, and makes them very happy.
  7. Ms. Career. Forget guys! This is one girl who has her career as her first (or even only) priority. While most single girls are trying to put moves on guys during Happy Hour, she’s making moves in the board room. If this girl ever chooses to settle down, it’ll have to be with a guy who is equally career-oriented… or perhaps a guy who’s willing to be a stay at home dad.
  8. The Recently Dumped Chick. She recently experienced a breakup, and it might have been a bit messy. She might go into Manhater Mode, or she might just try to work things out with her ex. Her hobbies may include watching The Notebook or eating ice cream in bed. The good news is that she’s going to get better after a while.
  9. The Supportive Bestie. As far as single girls go, this is that one girl who will put friends before boyfriends every single time. She’s the girl who will be your shoulder to cry on, your sympathetic ear, and your kick-ass chill girl. She’s the definition of “ride or die.” She’s single for now, but you know that the guy who she’ll end up with will be a very lucky person.
  10. The female player. She’s basically looking for the best that living a shallow life has to offer, and she just doesn’t give a crap about anyone else. She might use guys for money or take pride in being the side chick. Whatever she’s doing, it’s sketchy as hell. Hopefully, you don’t have a female player in your circle of friends. After all, if she’s willing to use guys, she might also be willing to hurt you to get what she wants.
  11. The Ice Queen. Much like the Manhater, guys tend to avoid her because of her attitude. However, unlike the Manhater, the Ice Queen might not have even been hurt by anyone. In fact, she might not be doing it intentionally. Even so, her icy behavior tends to make it hard for guys to approach her. Once a guy gets beyond that cold exterior, he will most likely discover an incredibly passionate partner who will be loyal for life.
  12. The Personal Growth Girl. She’s single and she’s using that time to grow as a person. She might go off traveling, start a new hobby or even go back to school. All of her life is currently about self-improvement. When she meets the right guy, she’ll want him to bring out the best in her, too.
  13. Ms. Apathetic. Does she want a boyfriend? Who knows. It’s impossible to tell with this girl. Her interest in her love life is best summed up as “MEH.” Whether it’s due to being heartbroken one too many times, or due to an innate lack of interest, the fact remains the same. This is one girl who doesn’t care about getting into a relationship with anyone. Unlike Mrs. Career, she might have a lot of spare time on her hands. It’s just that she has no drive to care about getting hitched at all.
  14. The Unhinged. Let’s just be real here. The reason some single girls are a bit crazy is because guys made them that way. This is what happened with the Unhinged single girl. Who can blame her?
  15. The Jaded Divorcee. She’s been through the wringer, but she doesn’t necessarily hate men. She just has a low tolerance for BS, and she’s always ready to call men out on their crap. She’s a great friend to have, and if she gets married again, you can bet that she will not tolerate bad behavior from her hubby.
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a New Jersey based writer and editor with bylines in Mashed, Newsbreak, Good Men Project, YourTango, and many more. She’s also the author of a safe travel guide for LGBTQIA+ people available on Amazon.

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