15 Things High-Achieving People Do At Least Once A Week

High achievers get a rush from succeeding at their goals and getting what they want out of life, but to ensure they can keep slaying, they know how important it is to look out for number one and have a healthy work-life balance. If you want to know their secrets, read on for 15 things they do at least once a week to continue creating the life of their dreams.

1. They monitor their progress.

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Every week, people who strive to reach their dreams take a pit stop and think about how far they’ve come. They like to look back on what they’ve achieved, give themselves a pat on the back, and then think about what they want to do next. Per the American Psychological Association, regularly monitoring your progress increases your chances of success, so it’s well worth incorporating this practice!

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2. They take a break.

Instead of killing themselves by working too hard, high achievers know the value of stopping to take a breather. They get out of the office and appreciate the world around them, whether that means shopping, walking through nature, or going out for dinner. They know that all work and no play not only makes them dull but is also a recipe for burnout.

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3. They focus on their loved ones.

An important part of being happy and successful is making meaningful connections with loved ones, whether that’s their family, friends, pets, or kids. This keeps loneliness at bay while helping them to feel fulfilled in life. They know success isn’t just about what happens in their career, and that’s important.

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4. They escape from stress in a healthy way.

High achievers can lead super-busy lives, so they have to know how to keep stress at bay. Whether stress relief means taking kickboxing classes or going sailing, they do whatever they need to maintain a healthy mental game. They know they can’t perform at their best when they’re not in a good place.

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5. They keep learning new things.

High achievers possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Their natural curiosity fuels their drive to continuously improve. You’ll often find them diving into books, exploring new subjects, or taking courses to expand their expertise. They understand that growth and success are rooted in a lifelong commitment to learning.

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6. They scribble in a gratitude journal.

Being successful isn’t just about moving forward and chasing your goals – it’s also about stopping to be grateful for what you’ve already gained in life. Gratitude makes people happier! This is why high achievers keep a gratitude journal in which they write all the things they’re thankful for. It could be something as small as the line at their coffee shop being a little shorter that morning. This keeps them focused on the bright side.

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7. They tweak their goals.

To ensure they stay on their path to success, high achievers keep adjusting their goals as required. This can involve setting follow-up steps or brainstorming new, creative ways to succeed if their first attempts didn’t work.

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8.  They set a plan for the upcoming week.

When checking in with themselves and what they want to achieve, successful people will jot down a plan for the days ahead including tasks that need to be finished and short-term goals they’d like to fulfill. This keeps them focused and gives them the steps they need to follow to get what they want.

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9. They ask for other people’s advice.

Couple on a date©iStock/Danchooalex

Although they’re independent thinkers, they know the value of reaching out to other people for feedback or advice. It’s fun to bounce ideas off other people so they can be exposed to different perspectives.

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10. They strive for excellence, not perfection.

smiling woman riding in car

Instead of trying to be perfect, which can cause unnecessary stress, high achievers prefer to focus on excellence. They work hard and don’t shy away from putting in extra hours to complete a project, but they remain open to making mistakes. They know that learning from their mistakes helps them to grow stronger.

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11. They cheer on other people.

Instead of only being focused on their personal success, high achievers reach out to help other people succeed in their lives. They’re always keen to open doors for people who are trying to get a big break or motivate them when times get hard.

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12. They get their bodies moving.

woman stretching outdoors in sunshine

Although their lives can be busy and stressful, which doesn’t leave much time for exercise, high achievers make time to get their blood pumping. This boosts their endorphins and helps them to tune into what’s important. By staying fit, high achievers are primed to deal with stress.

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13. They find networking opportunities.

awkward networking conversation

Building new connections with others can bring more opportunities into your life, which is why high achievers are always willing to network, in whatever small way they can. They might attend workshops, seminars, or conferences.

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14. They make time for self-care activities.

side view shot of woman in bathtub holding shower and singing, having fun and relaxing, lifestyle concept.

Striving for excellence can be draining, which is why high achievers try to prioritize their self-care as much as possible. Taking care of themselves keeps them healthy and happy. If they don’t have those things, they know their success won’t be as fulfilling.

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15. They give back. 

Volunteering and helping people in need are important ways for high achievers to give back to their communities. It enables them to make a difference instead of only being concerned about their own goals. It also feels good and helps them snag a greater sense of personal achievement.

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