15 Things You Should Never Expect A Man To Do

Expectations are good to have, but when we’re dealing with the opposite sex, we need to be realistic. There are some things guys just aren’t wired to do, and some things they just shouldn’t have to do. You should expect your man to walk your dog for you when you’re sick or call you when he’s running late for your dinner date, but these 15 things you should never expect him to do.

Fight for you.

Sure, he should be defending and protecting you, but never when it comes to physical violence. Fighting is so high school and you’re both adults.

Give you/loan you money.

Until he’s your husband and you have a joint bank account, he doesn’t need to pay your bills. Be a big girl and buy your own gas. If you’re really in a bind, call your parents, because borrowing money from your beau is a recipe for disaster.

Give up his friends.

Sure, some of them are downright intolerable, but he probably feels the same way about some of yours. If you aren’t willing to drop your girls when he says so (and you’d better not be) then you shouldn’t expect him to do the same.

Pop your pimples (or any other disgusting things you need to do to yourself in private).

Some people revel in this level of intimacy, but if you enjoy your sex life, keep these turn offs to a minimum and invest in some ProActive.

Call you from a bachelor party/ or guys’ night.
You don’t want to be the girl forcing him to “check in” when you know he’s out with the guys. It screams of insecurity and it’ll annoy him (and all of his friends).

Ask your permission for just about anything

. You’re supposed to be his partner, not his mother, so he shouldn’t have to ask permission to go out for a few beers after work. Of course, it would be nice if he let you know.

Be your social coordinator.

He can barely make his own plans, so when he does, don’t automatically assume that you’re invited.

Pay for everything.

Sure, when he was courting you he probably (hopefully) always paid, but once it becomes official, it’s time you start chipping in. Picking up the tab every once and a while lets him know that you aren’t just in it for the free meals.

Be faithful if the relationship isn’t well-defined.

Just because you slept together doesn’t mean he isn’t sleeping with someone, or everyone, else. Until you’ve had “the talk”, you’d be a fool to think, or expect, that you’re the only woman in his life.

Hang out with your ex.

It’s cute that you’re still BFFs with all your exes, but expecting your new boyfriend to share a meal with the guy who gave you mind-blowing orgasms for four years just really isn’t fair.

Lie for you.

Whether you’re trying to get out of plans with your friend, playing hooky from work, or dodging your mom’s calls, don’t get him involved in your little white lies. Take care of business yourself, Pinnocchio.

Have a threesome with another guy.

That’s cool if that’s what you’re into, but don’t assume your guy is going to be into it as well. Good for you if you can pull it off, but there’s a chance you will turn him off instead.

Delete all traces of girlfriends past.

There were other women that came before you, and expecting him to pretend they never existed isn’t realistic. Sure, his profile picture shouldn’t be their old Christmas card, but who cares if he still has pictures of her from 2006? Just because she hasn’t completely vanished doesn’t mean he still loves her or even still talks to her.

Agree with everything you say.

Because, I don’t know, he has a mind of his own. It’s nice to agree on some things but life can get extremely boring when you agree on everything. Plus, if you never disagreed, you would miss all the fun in “making up”.

Change for you.

If you met a t-shirt and jeans guy, you’re getting a t-shirt and jeans guy, so stop trying to turn him into a suit. Don’t expect him to shave his beard or cut his hair if it was all growing wild when you met him, and don’t play yourself that you will ever get him to change his player ways.

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