15 Types of Guys You’ll Find at the Bar On Friday Night

Another Friday night another bar. If that’s your normal weekend plan, then you’re accustomed to dealing with people of all flavors. Here are the types of guys that you can find at pretty much any bar on a Friday night.

That guy you met once but you can’t seem to place him. Did you meet him here? Or at the gym maybe? Wait no, is he on a reality TV show?

The sleaze ball. You can see/feel the sleaze ball coming from a mile away as he turns on his creepy smile and stare combo. Enter strange pick up lines.

The out-of-towner. This guy is in town on a work trip and he’ll always ask for advice about where to go and have strange opinions about your town that you disagree with.

The not interested guy. Is he unimpressed with place altogether or just in a bad mood? You’ve walked past him, like, five times and he hasn’t looked up.

The guy who thinks put downs are flirty. He was sort of cute until he said that you’re in a dead end career and that your nail polish sort of looks like mud. What does he know, anyway?

The guy who should have stopped drinking four hours ago. He might have started innocently enough at happy hour, but now he’s sloshing through the crowd with a blurry, bloodshot look at his face that screams face plant.

The guy that looks enough like your ex that it scares you out of the corner of your eye. And then you feel weird for thinking it was him because it doesn’t really look like him and you spend half the night trying to figure out what this all means.

The harmless compliment-er. This guy isn’t even trying to hit on you (you don’t think), but he has tons of nice things to say about your eyes, hair, and outfit. Love him.

The overly aggressive guy. You’re just minding your own business and aggressive guy pulls out a cave man move and tried to yank your arm halfway across the room. Not happening.

That guy you kissed once. Whoops what were you thinking. Hopefully he just doesn’t remember and won’t ask why he never heard back from you. Who are you kidding, here he comes.

The angry guy. It’s unclear whether the angry guy just got dumped or fired, but he was about to furiously tell you about it before you escaped to the bathroom.

The guy that offers to take your photo. Every time you and the girls try to snap a selfie, he pops up and offers to take it, but he did a terrible job the first time. Plus, the selfie side of the camera just looks better in this lighting.

The funny guy. Unlike most of the jokesters in the bar, this guy is legitimately entertaining without being annoying. A lost art.

The guy who buys your drinks but never even talks to you. Who knows what this guy’s story is, but he told the bartender to put everything on his tab for nothing less than a head nod from the other side of the bar. Shots?

The hot guy. Seemingly the only hot guy in there. BRB…

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