16 Dating Ideas That Are Low Key But Tons Of Fun

When you’ve just started dating someone, coming up with ideas for things to do when you go out can be tough. There’s no need to complicate things, though. Sometimes the most low-key ideas are the best ones in the dating world — and the ones that also end up being the most fun. Here are a few to try when you’re feeling a bit stuck.

  1. Stage a karaoke night. Home karaokes are usually very fun and will get you laughing non-stop with your date, especially if one of you sucks at singing. Simply download a karaoke app on your phone and sing along together to all your favorite songs. You can take things a notch higher by performing a duet of your favorite song in costumes! This is one of the best ideas especially since it’ll push the person you’re dating out of their comfort zone. Get crooning!
  2. Play hide and seek. This might sound a bit childish or even kinda weird, but it can actually be tons of fun. Sneak into the closet and let them go searching for you around the house. You can set a reward for anyone who wins each round, and those rewards can be anything you like if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. This game brings out the child in you and is a perfect bonding exercise for the two of you.
  3. A picnic in your favorite park or garden isn’t a bad idea. This is one of the more romantic dating ideas on the list and is also one of the most fulfilling. All you need is a comfy blanket, some nice food, a bottle of cheap wine, and some sunscreen. This is a chance to hold a deep conversation with your partner and possibly make out while sitting in your favorite spot.
  4. Do a bit of stargazing. The two of you can simply cuddle up and lay back under the sky while watching the stars in the night sky. Nothing makes a statement than the simplest acts that tug at your heartstrings. This is one of the most perfect dating ideas if your partner is fascinated by the expansiveness of the universe (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?). You can decide to count the stars or simply enjoy the silence holding hands.
  5. Take your dogs out on a walk. If you both have dogs and want to multitask, dog walking in the neighborhood sounds like fun. It’s easier to have a conversation while you are walking. Plus, choosing this from the list of dating ideas is smart if you have a tight schedule and just want a fun date in-between.
  6. Organize a game night. Bring the game indoors and have a fun-filled night playing game with your partner. You can choose to play Xbox, card games, or some board games. Whatever game you choose, raise the stakes, add your rewards and have the time of your lives!
  7. Go for a long drive. If you wish to throw in a bit of adventure on your fun date, you should go for a long drive perhaps out of the city. Take a lot of snacks and food on your way. Play some good music and have your partner sing aloud while you drive. This is probably one of the most low-stakes ideas for couples who just started dating because it’s quite open-ended and you can fill the day with plans that mean the most to you.
  8. You can Netflix and chill. You can never go wrong with this evergreen move, especially if you can’t afford to pay for movie tickets (or just don’t like anything that’s currently playing). Instead, stay home, get some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch with your lover and watch your favorite rom-com, horror, or action movies.

More chill dating ideas to consider

  1. Organize a mini photo shoot at home. If your date loves photography, you can have them take pictures of you at home while you pose as his top model. Set up a backdrop in your bedroom and grab your phone if you don’t have a professional camera. Strike a pose while he finds the right angles for the picture and click! This is one of the sillier ideas on the list but it’s also one of the best to try with someone you’ve just started dating for that very reason.
  2. Cook or bake together at home. If you don’t want to spend money on a fancy meal in a restaurant, you can think of cooking or baking together. While you save a few bucks, you also enjoy the company of someone you care about. When you’re done with the food, throw in a bottle of wine, and some scented candles, play a romantic song in the background, and enjoy yourselves.
  3. Solve a puzzle together. If your date is a sucker for challenges, solving a puzzle is a fun and affordable date idea to try out together. Simply curate a list of the toughest puzzles you can find and spend time finding the answers. Admittedly, unless you’re dating someone who’s a bit of an introvert/kinda geeky, this may not be one of the best ideas for early in your dating lives, but it’ll work for some!
  4. Play truth or dare. If you don’t mind things getting steamy, try adding a game of Truth or Dare to your home date. Think up your questions and make your rules. The experience is thrilling and an opportunity to get to know your partner better.
  5. Volunteer for a cause. This is a terrific date idea if you are both interested in giving back. Think of volunteering at an old person’s home or helping out in an animal shelter if you’re an animal lover. Whatever you choose to do, remember it’s a date and pay enough attention to your partner. Of all the ideas on this list, this is the one that will allow you to figure out if the person you’re dating has an altruistic and generous side.
  6. Build a snowman together. This childlike activity guarantees so much fun for both of you, but you’re limited by the fact that you can only do it in winter/when there’s snow on the ground. Keep this one in your hat for like, mid-January and you’ll be golden.  If you want to take it up a notch, bring a sled!
  7. Work out together at the gym. If you’re a gym rat and so is the person you’re dating, hitting up the gym together is a great option. What’s not to love about getting all hot and sweaty with someone you’re attracted to? If you have a gym at home, it makes it even easier and more affordable. You might even hit the showers together afterward.
  8. Go to a free concert together. Most medium-sized towns and major cities have free music or theater events to attend, especially in summer. If you or the person you’re dating are on a budget, free or inexpensive ideas are probably more than welcome. If there isn’t anything that’s totally free, there are likely some reduced-priced tickets to certain shows available if you have a look around.