16 Petty Fights Every Couple Has At Some Point

No couple really wants to fight, but it just happens sometimes. Whether you hate it or not, you’re going to argue with your significant other once in a while. There are just some arguments every couple has at some point in their relationship. They’re necessary for growing as a couple or just dealing with those annoyances that come from living together. Some of these might happen pretty quickly in a relationship. For others, it might take years before you have them. But trust me, you’ll have all of them if you’re with him long enough. Don’t panic. Argue, talk it out and then have amazing make-up sex later.

  1. Directions or lack of directions. Guys are notorious for not asking for directions and women are well known for not having a clue where they’re going. This combination spells disaster. Even with smartphones, you’re probably going to fight about directions from time to time.
  2. Ruining laundry. If your man offers to help with the laundry, make sure he knows what he’s doing. When your red panties fade all over his white shirt, he’s going to be pissed. Of course, you’re going to want to kill him for drying your silk blouse on high in the dryer too.
  3. You want to name our child WHAT? When you make it to the point of discussing possible children’s names, it’ll turn into a fight. Maybe he wants the child named after his great-grandmother Mabel or you think naming a little boy named Kim would be a good idea. You’ll figure it out before the time comes, but get ready to fight about it until then.
  4. Drop the phone already. Odds are, one or the other of you is probably addicted to your phone or tablet. This makes it a little hard to communicate with each other. This leads to the inevitable argument over what’s more important – the phone or me.
  5. Can’t you clean things up? Even if you’re both clean freaks, somebody will leave something out that annoys the other. Then there’ll be this huge argument over one person feeling like they’re always cleaning up after the other. Don’t be surprised if a few things get thrown during this one.
  6. Why don’t you listen to me? Despite our best intentions, we don’t always listen when our partner’s talking. No it’s not just guys either. However, it’s usually the guy that gets called out on it. You mention something important, he ignores you and then something ends up ruined later on. And then the fight is on.
  7. Anything dealing with sex. I don’t care how great your sex life is, you will fight about it at some point. Maybe one of you wants to try something new and the other refuses to change at all. It could be that sex slacks off or an ex’s name might get screamed instead of yours. Get ready for quite a few fights about sex.
  8. What’s in our future? Once again, this one usually involves the man not having an answer when asked. You ask, he doesn’t have any real answer or he says “I don’t know.” Of course, this leads to questioning the whole relationship. The key is to remember that neither one of you know what the futures holds. Just be happy you both want to be together.
  9. Just tell me what you mean. You get mad at him for not taking you to the restaurant you’ve hinted at for a month. He gets pissed when you don’t cook the dinner he wanted, even when he said he didn’t care. This always ends up leading to an argument where one of you is asking the other to just be more clear and stop hinting around.
  10. You’re always working. Work does take you away from each other sometimes, especially if one of you has to travel often or work overtime. No matter how well you both prepare for the situation, the one left at home feels neglected. They blame the other for working all the time and not caring. It’s not fair, but it happens.
  11. You’re spending money on what? Finances make every couple argue. You’re trying to stick to a budget and he comes home with a new flat screen. You treat yourself to that new designer bag when money’s tight. No matter who indulges, it’s going to lead to an argument.
  12. It’s your turn to do the chores. Once you’re living together, you’ll argue about chores. You’re both used to doing things your own way. Now, you have to learn how to divide out the chores so it’s not all on one person. Of course, this means trying to skip doing the ones you don’t like sometimes.
  13. Are you still into your ex? It could be something as innocent as the person still being friends with an ex on Facebook, but somebody will get insecure at some point. If an ex is brought up or even physically introduced, there will be some sort of fight about whether that person is still into their ex.
  14. You like your friends more than me. This one usually happens early on. You feel neglected because he wants to still have guy time and vice versa. It’s hard to find that perfect balance in a new relationship so you keep your partner and your friends.
  15. My bad day is all your fault. This argument happens at random. It’s no one’s fault, but you’ve had a bad day and you take it out on your partner. At this point, the argument could be about anything. Maybe it’s the way he brushes his teeth or how things would be better if he complimented you more. They’re petty arguments and everything’s better after a good night’s sleep.
  16. Can’t you just watch what I want to watch? I’ve yet to meet a couple that agrees on all the same shows. So yes, you will argue over the remote and what to watch. Don’t expect this argument to ever really go away.

See, you really are normal. These are just some of the arguments every couple has, so don’t worry if you don’t see yours on this list. With love, comes arguments and it’s that way for every happy couple.

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