16 Reasons You’re Alone Even Though You’re Amazing

You’re this incredible, beautiful, amazing woman. You know it, but for some reason you’re still alone. Who could possibly make a better girlfriend than you? You honestly get tired of the same question – how is someone so amazing still single? It’s like they’re blaming you for something. It’s not your fault. It’s okay to have standards, a busy life and just not have met the right person yet. Ease up on yourself. Yes, there are a variety of reasons you’re alone. Just remember, it won’t be that way for long.

1. Everyone so far has been sub par.

Yes, there is lucky guy out there who is as amazing as you are. Why should you settle for some sub par, boring partner? You need someone who shines as brightly as you. Why waste time on guys you know simply aren’t right for you?

2. Life is completely hectic.

Despite what everyone else might think, you’ve got an extremely hectic life. You’re busy with work, making time for your friends, spending quality time with family and exploring new hobbies. You really don’t have time to spend scouring the world for a guy. The right guy will appear and suddenly fit into even the most hectic schedule.

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4. You’re sick of searching.

It’s easy to burn out on trying to find someone. You might be amazing, but you’re sick of searching only to be disappointed again and again. Sure, you’re sick of being single too, but you just need a break. You’re definitely allowed. Let the guys find you instead.

5. Guys just want hook ups.

What happened to committing? You give it your all, but the guys you date just want to hook up. They’re not interested in a future. You’re lucky they even committed to a few dates. Yeah, gentlemen seem to be few and far between. You’re too amazing to settle for just hook ups.

6. You don’t put up with others’ crap.

Whether it’s a boyfriend or friend, you’re not the kind of woman to put up with being used in any way. You’re not afraid to tell people to get out of your life. Sure, you might be alone, but it’s far more peaceful than dealing with the drama and whining.

7. You have standards. Good girl!

Jumping into relationships just to avoid being alone only leads to disaster. Stick to your standards. You deserve only the best. You have better things to do than pretend to like guys you’re not interested in. Ignore any naysayers. My guess, they settled. You don’t have to.

8. Guys find you intimidating.

It’s sad that so many guys are intimidated by a strong, confident, independent woman. If they only knew how amazing that made you, right? Real men respect women like you. They’re not intimidated in the least. It’s finding them that’s the hard part.

9. You’re happy with your life right now.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing. Things are going great in your life. Why mess that up with a relationship? It’s okay to just focus on what makes you happy for now. You can do the whole relationship thing later.

10. Friends trump boyfriends.

How many breakups have your friends helped you through? How many friend breakups have your boyfriends been there for? Exactly. Guys come and go. Friends stick with you. You’re so busy having fun with your friends that a relationship is the last thing on your mind.

11. You have your own dreams.

At one point, marriage and a family were the only dreams a woman could have. Now, you can do whatever you want. You’re not lonely, you’re busy working towards your goals. You’re building a career, finding the home you’ve always wanted, traveling the world and all those other things that tend to fall to the wayside once you’re dating someone.

12. You’ve been there, done that.

You’ve been in relationships. Now you just want a break. It’s like a bad diet. After you’ve been through a few, you just want to be alone, eat all the junk food in the house and be happy. You’re still amazing, but you need a break from the relationship status merry-go-round for a little while.

13. Being alone suits you.

Do you really need a significant other to be complete? No. You’re in charge of your own happiness. You make yourself feel complete. Alone is like a badge of honor. If others can’t understand that, tough. It’s your life. Being alone actually looks damn good on you.

14. There’s no room for compromise.

You’re definitely not a pushover and it scares guys. They love to try to get you to compromise. Whether it’s sleeping on the wrong side of the bed or trying to get you to quit your job and move closer to them, you’re not willing to change your life because someone else doesn’t like it. You’ve worked hard to build your life. Be proud and stay alone until someone worthy comes along.

15. You’re uniquely interesting.

The most amazing women are incredibly unique. Maybe you love going to antique bicycle races or have a passion for crocheting miniature kittens. Sometimes it’s just hard to find someone who’s a good match for your unique interests and personality. It’s not your fault you’re not like every other woman out there.

16. You can’t stay in one place.

Relationships usually imply settling down in a single location. You’re young and amazing. You want to travel and you consider Airbnb your favorite site. Life’s too exciting right now to worry about long distance relationships. It might get lonely at times, but the moment you catch a flight to the next city, you forget all about it.

17. You’re busy working on you.

What do you want from life? Hell, do you even know what you want in a relationship? Even the most amazing women need to take time to work on themselves. It’s a sign you’re strong and honest with yourself. You don’t need a guy complicating your life until you’re finished figuring out who you are and what you want.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing. Enjoy the time and have fun. You have plenty of time for a relationship. Here and now is all for you.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.