16 Struggles People with a Strong Work Ethic Face Every Day

16 Struggles People with a Strong Work Ethic Face Every Day

Having a strong work ethic is a true gift when it comes to succeeding in life and accomplishing goals. While having a strong work ethic is a great personality trait, it can lead to a ton of anxiety and stress and even wreak relationship havoc. Read on for the daily struggles people with a strong work ethic face.

1. They have to be productive all of the time.

Being productive is integral to this type of personality. If they have any downtime, they feel as though they have to fill it with actual tasks and get a bunch done. Relaxing is definitely not part of their vocabulary. The more productive they are, the better it is for their overall success—so, they feel as though it is the most important thing.

2. They take on a lot at work.

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People with strong work ethics tend to take on a lot of projects at work. This can create a ton of stress and anxiety to meet multiple deadlines. Not only can this be difficult to manage for the person, but it can also create some friction in the workplace. Many people who work in organizations and companies want to get ahead, and it can be hard when one person is volunteering for all of the big projects or tasks.

3. Punctuality is a priority.

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Being on time is so important to those who have strong work ethics. As we all know, though, life happens and things aren’t always in our control. When a person is late to an event, especially to work, they feel an immense amount of guilt, more so than the average person. Many times, they’ll try to overcompensate for this small mishap by staying late and overworking themselves.

4. They can’t stand lazy people.

When you have a strong work ethic, those who are lazy and unproductive can be a huge trigger. Unfortunately, these people exist in the world. Whether it be a coworker, a friend, or a partner, it’s hard for everyone to be “just like you.” It can be a huge challenge to coexist with people who have a totally different sense of work ethic than you do.

5. They put too much pressure on themselves.

Sometimes, those with strong work ethics have to get multiple things done at once. One way they do this is by putting a lot of stress and pressure on themselves. By overloading themselves, they feel super productive and on top of the world—however, it can end up crashing right before their eyes when they get burnt out.

6. They need validation.

Hearing that you are doing a good job goes a long way. Sometimes, these people need their boss or their manager to remind them that they’re a huge asset to their team or workplace. While they’ll still work just as hard, this validation helps them to keep pushing and keep up that solid work. Everyone loves a good compliment, but these people thrive off of them.

7. They have no room for negative vibes.


People with strong work ethics have to keep a positive mindset in order to get all of their tasks done. They have no room for negative thoughts or negative vibes. When their co-workers complain around them, they have to separate themselves so they don’t get wrapped up in the work drama. When people want to gossip about the latest reality TV show during workouts, they just don’t feel the need to join in—it’s a waste of their productivity.

8. They don’t mix business and pleasure.

Many people with strong work ethics don’t like to blur the line between business and pleasure—whether it be with coworkers or their boss. These individuals see work life and personal life as two completely separate things and may even code-switch, or totally change their demeanor, at work. Happy hours and holiday parties are not for them—they want to maintain their professionalism at all costs.

9. They don’t always work with the clock.

Most jobs have a work schedule, like a 9 a.m.-5 p.m. job. However, those who have strong work ethics don’t work “with the clock.” They are not the type of people who clock out immediately when the clock hits 5 p.m. These people will stay late, work weekends, and even get there early if need be. They aren’t the type to ask for overtime or to complain about it, either, they just want to accomplish the task the best way they can.

10. When they’re at work, they aren’t available.

From 9 a.m.-5 p.m., these people’s phones are on Do Not Disturb. This can be challenging for their friends and family who may want to get in touch with them during the day, however, they find socializing and social media use a huge waste of time for them during work. Instead, they focus on their tasks and their daily schedule. The rest of the world can just wait.

11. They can be extremely competitive.

Having a strong work ethic sometimes bleeds into their life outside of work. Whether it’s playing a game, playing sports, or watching something—people with strong work ethics are very competitive. They always want to win and be the best at whatever it is they are doing or watching. It can be a double-edged sword for them, though. While they may succeed at work because of this, in life, they can isolate themselves and they can cause some rifts with friends if they are too competitive.

12. They need to be organized.

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Individuals like this need their lives to be organized—especially their workspace. They are the type of people who have a “place for everything.” Unfortunately in shared workspaces, this isn’t always a reality. It can create a hostile work environment where the organized person annoys their coworkers by trying to control everything organization-wise.

13. They jump at any opportunity to get ahead.

When in meetings or team sessions, people with strong work ethics are always ready to get ahead. While this can be great for them as individuals and their career and goals, it can hurt others who want to succeed. If someone is always volunteering for the task, it doesn’t leave room for others to do the same. This can lead to resentment from coworkers and friends at work.

14. They can come off as very intense.

People who have a strong work ethic tend to have a very intense and extreme personality. This can be a turnoff to some people who mistake this as being rude or insensitive. These personality traits are easily confused, and it can push people away or keep them away entirely. For this reason, sometimes, those with strong work ethics have a small social circle and struggle with meeting new people.

15. They always ask questions.

A strong work ethic means an inquiring mind—those who have a strong work ethic ask a lot of questions both at work and at home. In an office setting, this can lead to more work for a team. Think of it like the classmate who reminded the teacher about homework—no one wants extra work added onto their plate.

16. Their job is their first priority.

People who put their job first can isolate people entirely—no matter who it is. Romantic partners can become frustrated, and friends may stop trying to reach out. Some families may even try to have an intervention to remind these people that there is a whole world outside of their jobs and careers. This can be hard for people with a strong work ethic to understand which creates friction in relationships.

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