16 Things That Go Through Your Mind When He Isn’t Texting You Back

16 Things That Go Through Your Mind When He Isn’t Texting You Back ©iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Texting is most people’s preferred method of communication these days. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there’s less chance of saying something silly on someone’s voicemail. But having an actual conversation over text has its downfalls. Like waiting around for someone’s response, and never knowing if they are even going to respond. You can try to stay cool, calm, and nonchalant all you want, but when guy isn’t texting you back and you don’t know why, it’s torture.

  1. Did I say something wrong? Was that a bad joke? Did I offend him? Does he just think I’m completely uncool? DID I TOTALLY BLOW IT?!
  2. Am I bothering him? Maybe he’s just responding to be nice, and he doesn’t want to tell me how annoying I’m being. He’s probably just looking for his opportunity to bow out gracefully. What a nice guy. Great, now I like him even more.
  3. Am I coming on too strong? I can be too aggressive over text sometimes. I just hate waiting around for him ask me out. But maybe I seem too eager. I should try to play hard to get. Next time I’ll wait 15 minutes before texting him back.
  4. Maybe my message didn’t go through. But it says “delivered”, so highly unlikely.
  5. Did he lose his phone? He was texting back immediately for a good 20 minutes and now he suddenly isn’t responding? Maybe he left his phone on the subway. Oh no, how will I ever get a hold of him again?!
  6. Did someone steal his phone? Or maybe someone stole it. His friends could be reading our entire conversation right now… I really hope he deleted that boob pic I sent him last week.
  7. Did he pass out from heat stroke and break his phone when he fell?! Anything is possible, right? Maybe he’s lying in a ditch somewhere. I should call him repeatedly and his ring tone will lead a good Samaritan to his location who can help him. No… that’s mad.
  8. He just liked something on Instagram… so he’s definitely in possession of his phone. And alive. And conscious. That’s a relief, right?
  9. Is he one of those guys who hates texting? If so, can I handle this text anxiety for the duration of our relationship? Maybe we aren’t compatible after all.
  10. Was that “lol” the last text I’ll ever get from him? People decide to quit texting at the most unexpected times. If I never hear from him again, I’ll never know why.
  11. Maybe he’s busy, I should leave him alone. His response times are getting longer and longer, he must be doing something more important than texting me. BUT WHAT??
  12. I’ll just text him one more time, then I’ll leave him alone. I’ll just tell him I’m heading out to meet some friends, or I have a meeting to get to, or I’m about to go into a movie. Then it will look like I ended the conversation, and I have a life.
  13. Should I ask if everything is okay? What if he’s mad at me? Maybe I should just casually ask if he’s okay. It will make me seem like I really care. Or like I’m a obsessed, insecure, mad person.
  14. Has enough time gone by for me to start a new conversation? He hasn’t responded for a few hours. I could just send him a text mentioning a movie preview I saw that he might like. Something to get him talking again.
  15. Oh well, if he doesn’t respond, it’s his loss. I’m hot, smart, funny, and amazing. If he can’t see that—


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