This 165-Inch MicroLED TV Has A Screen That Folds And Is Stored In The Floor Of Your House

This 165-Inch MicroLED TV Has A Screen That Folds And Is Stored In The Floor Of Your House

I love watching TV and experience serious envy whenever I see rich people with fancy at-home cinema rooms and massive TVs. However, I feel like I’ve just discovered the pinnacle of entertainment: the C SEED M1. You’ve probably never heard of the brand, but you’re about to and you’ll never be the same because we’re talking about a 165-inch TV with a folding screen that stores underneath the floor of your home when you’re not watching. Whaaaat?


Yes, there are flexible TVs out there, but this one is different. While flexible TVs from the likes of LG use OLED, the C Seed M1 uses microLED that combines all the fantastic qualities of OLED but adds in self-illuminated RGB pixels without the need for a backlight. Not only that, but it’s not likely to burn out the way normal OLED panels might.

This thing is MASSIVE but not cumbersome. As you can imagine, 165 inches is a pretty big viewing screen. We’re talking 13 feet and 9 inches here. However, since it’s made up of five separate panels that come together perfectly and then fold away, it can be stored neatly out of sight under the floorboards of your house and brought back out when you’re ready to chill with Netflix.

It’s available in three different finishes. You can get your C SEED M1 in a titanium, gold, or black finish depending on your preferred look. Of course, every one of them is equally gorgeous and offers the same specs, so this is simply an aesthetic choice.

Sadly, you still need to be rich to get one. As you can probably imagine, a five-panel microLED TV with five separate self-folding panels that you store below the floor of your house doesn’t come cheap. If you want the C SEED M1 in your own house, you’re looking at an eye-watering $400,000 price tag. Whew! When I win the lottery, I know what I’ll be buying!

You can find more about the C SEED M1 at the C SEED website HERE and more photos below.


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