17 Mistakes You’re Making When You’re Going Down On Him

17 Mistakes You’re Making When You’re Going Down On Him ©iStock/BraunS

Whether you love giving head or hook him up every once in a while because he really likes them (and, let’s be honest, because you want some oral in return), you want to make it count. Unfortunately, things don’t always go so well, and if you’re making any of the following mistakes, you need to up your game:

  1. Too much teeth actionWe all know this one — don’t bite. Some guys like a little bit of dragging, but the skin is so sensitive down there you don’t want to overdo it, or he’ll lose his hard on. That would suck (no pun intended).
  2. Not enough suction. You need to use some amount of suction and pressure, and not just bob your head up and down. Think about what you’re trying to mimic (vagina), and how tight it is down there. OK, Hoover, you’ve got this.
  3. Too much suction. Suction can be painful if there’s too much of it, and pain equals flaccid penis. Then he’ll get annoyed or embarrassed and the whole mood will be ruined. Try changing your suction incrementally, and ask what works for him.
  4. Limp tongue. Your tongue is not dead, so don’t let it sit like a lump in your mouth. Use it.
  5. No communication. Just like we expect guys to find out what we like, we need to do the same. Ask him what feels good, and then do it.
  6. Ignoring the ballsThe boys are delicate, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Some guys like some light tugging or rolling while you’re busy on his member.
  7. Spending too much time on the tip. There is a lot of penis below the tip, and it deserves your attention, too! Don’t stay stuck, keep moving.
  8. Not keeping your mouth wet enough. Friction can be a good thing, but dry friction is a painful thing. Make sure your mouth is wet enough to provide smooth friction and not chaffing.
  9. Too much hand action. You want to use your hands, but don’t overdo it. Too much squeezing or twisting or kneading can ruin the entire experience for him.
  10. Not enough hand action. You can under-perform with your hands, too. Don’t leave them awkwardly at your side; use them to enhance whatever you’re doing with your mouth. Maybe add some extra inches as you work up and down, or, as mentioned earlier, give some much needed attention to the boys.
  11. Overdone gag noises. Don’t gag endlessly or throw up if you can avoid it. If you can’t take all of him, then don’t!  Use your hands to make up the extra space. Overdoing the gagging is not going to turn him on, and throwing up will totally kill it and possibly scare him off from letting you do it again. We’re not all sex stars without gag reflexes.
  12. Not listening to his responses. If he isn’t making noises, you’re not doing it right. Listen to how he responds to what you’re doing. If it sounds like it’s good, keep doing it; if not, you need to try something else.
  13. Having a crappy attitudeThis is key. You cannot give a good blow job if you don’t seem like you’re into it. Why would you even bother?
  14. Not specifying how you want it to end. This is a common mistake. You two don’t talk about your limits, so when he’s getting close, you either freak out and swallow and are grossed out, or you stop altogether and mess up his orgasm. It’s really easy to tell him what you’re comfortable with so this doesn’t happen. (Spitters are not quitters, by the way.)
  15. Getting tired before he really gets going. Don’t give up before he gets a chance to get into it. It can be a tiring job, but it is worth it and I bet he’ll thank you for it later!
  16. Trying to put a finger in his ass without asking first. DON’T DO THIS. If you’re unsure how your partner feels about you poking around his rear, make sure you ask first. Seriously. This is not a drill or a joke.
  17. Not finishing in some capacity. Leaving him high and dry is just plain mean. Make sure he gets his, otherwise you may stop getting yours.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314