19 Body Positive Affirmations To Uplift And Empower You

The more you repeat an affirmation, the more likely it is to sink into your subconscious mind, and the more likely you are to believe it. If you struggle with loving your physical appearance or even accepting yourself as you are, these body positive affirmations should uplift and inspire you.

My body deserves love. This might be the most powerful affirmation you ever utter. It’s always true, no matter who you are or what you look like. All sizes, skin colors, ages and abilities are deserving of love. You don’t suddenly deserve love when you hit your target weight. You deserve love by default because you’re human.

My body is a temple. I want to treat it with love and respect. We all know we should be treating our bodies with love and respect. But it can take a reminder like this to really let that message sink in. The more you repeat that you want to treat your body with love and respect, the more likely you are to believe it.

Life is too short to waste on hating my body. Ask anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness or struck by a fatal accident, and they’ll tell you. Life is short. If you were to pass away tomorrow, would you want to spend your last moments on Earth drowning in self-hatred?

Food doesn’t have to be the enemy; it can be nurturing and healing. Starvation doesn’t lead to a healthy body. So to heal your relationship with food, acknowledge that it’s not the enemy. Food does have the power to heal and nurture you. And it’s crucial to your survival!

I choose health and healing over diets and punishing myself. It’s okay to eat foods that are healthy and consciously decide to improve your health that way. But it’s not okay to restrict what you eat to the point of depriving yourself the foods that you need to survive, and the foods that bring you happiness.

Progress isn’t linear; I’m doing this at my own pace and that’s okay. When you have a bad day, all you can do is get back on the horse. Just because you’re in a rut or aren’t accomplishing what you want to with your body, doesn’t mean you’re failing. You’re doing your best and that’s what matters.

ALL images in magazines are airbrushed, photoshopped, and distorted. Stick this somewhere so you can see it every day. That goes for people on Instagram too. Filters are not real life, or anything you need to compete with.

A goal weight is an arbitrary number; how I feel is what’s important. Forget the number you have in your head. Instead, focus on how you feel every day. After all, you can reach your target weight and feel awful.

Being skinny or fat is not my identity. Whatever your body size, that’s not who you are. There’s so much more to you. Your look and size is one element of your identity, and as important as you want it to be.

Food is neither good nor bad. It’s just food. Try to dismantle the negative relationship you have with food. Labeling foods as good or bad leads to a cycle of restricting and binging. In reality, food is just food. For example, a donut won’t kill you and an apple won’t save you.

More body positive affirmations to live by

There is more to life than losing weight. I’m ready to experience it. Health is important. But when you aren’t achieving a weight loss goal you’ve set for yourself, take comfort in the fact that there’s still a lot to be happy about. You still have a whole life to live that has nothing to do with your waistline.

Belly, thank you for holding in all my organs and helping me digest. Rather than hating our bellies for holding fat, we should thank them for the actual work they do for us.

Other people are too busy thinking about themselves to care what my weight is. If you can’t shake feelings of self-consciousness, remind yourself that you care more about how you look than anyone else does. The vast majority of people don’t care what you weigh.

I feel no guilt for nourishing my body and soul. Food nourishes the body and the soul. So it’s okay to enjoy it. You don’t have to apologize or “make up for it” when you consume the very thing you need to survive, physically and mentally.

It’s okay to love myself now as I continue to evolve. If you have health goals, that’s okay. But you don’t have to hold back on the self-love until you achieve them. You’re worthy of love right now.

I choose to redirect negative self-talk. You can’t stop negative thoughts from forming in your mind. But you can choose not to absorb them. When you hear negative thoughts, accept them as lies and nothing more.

I am blessed to be aging. Seriously, have you thought about what the alternative to aging is? Death.

I choose not to compare my body to others’. In the age of social media, this couldn’t be more relative. Your body is unique and perfect for you. And what other people look like has nothing to do with you. Don’t let it affect how you feel about yourself.

Being skinny doesn’t make me good. Being fat doesn’t make me bad. Contrary to what society would have you believe, being skinny doesn’t make you a better or more valuable person. Actually, this is nothing more than a description of your body. It doesn’t speak to your heart, soul, intellect, or accomplishments.

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