20 Things That Will Motivate You To Work Out When You’re Feeling Lazy

20 Things That Will Motivate You To Work Out When You’re Feeling Lazy ©iStock/Mikolette

We all want to work out, in the sense that we all want the results, but thinking about the long path of actually getting to those results is what keeps us from, you know, actually working out. That’s totally normal. Who really wants to wake up extra early before work, or hit the gym after a long day at the office? Here are some motivators to help get you moving. No more crap excuses!

  1. Those jeans you can’t fit into any more. If you’re going to use clothing as a motivator, don’t buy a new pair of jeans (or dress, or whatever) in your goal weight size — use a pair of jeans that you used to fit into, but no longer can (or still can, but want to look even better in). Take them out of your closet and hang them where you can see them.
  2. The idea of beating your boyfriend in a push-up contest. Wouldn’t it be cool if you challenged your boyfriend to a push-up contest and totally kicked his ass?
  3. Getting photographed in a bikini. Especially if you’re not hiding your midsection with a large hat, or dog. What? We’ve all said, “Oh my gosh, can I hold your dog in this pic, he’s soooo cute!” and then used the little guy to hide our stomachs, right? No? Yeah, me neither.
  4. Not needing anyone to help you carry something heavy. “I got this, thanks!” is what I want to say the next time I’m struggling with groceries.
  5. 5. Letting another human being see you in a bathing suit. How many trips or pool parties have you missed out on because you didn’t want anyone to see you in a bathing suit?
  6. Comparing the before and after pics. Sometimes you don’t truly see the change to your body until you’ve compared photos of what you looked like before to started to how much you’ve progressed. Definitely take a “before” pic so that you can take an “after” one!
  7. Increasing your speed. If you’re a runner, there’s nothing more glorious than a better time.
  8. Gaining flexibility. Maybe you can’t touch your toes right now. That’s OK — that can change.
  9. Feeling proud that you accomplished something. As awesome as it is to get encouragement from others, there’s nothing more rewarding than feeling that pride and encouragement from yourself. To be able to say, “I did it!” is an awesome feeling.
  10. A nice hot shower. A hot shower after a hard workout just feels so damn good.
  11. A good night’s sleep. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can actually make for better sleep.
  12. Treating yourself to a new wardrobe. Once you’ve reached your goal, go ahead and treat yourself to new clothes. And yes, take that duck faced selfie in the dressing room — you’ve earned it.
  13. Hearing, “Damn girl, you’ve lost weight!” It’s not about the envy, it’s about people confirming that you’ve gotten to the point where all your hard work is showing to other people, too.
  14. Your body getting stronger. You can do more reps without praying your way through it!
  15. Improving your confidence. With every pound you lose and every muscle you tone, you’re gonna hold your head higher, smile wider, and not worry as much about your self esteem.
  16. Not deleting every photo taken of you. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to dive for the phone to scroll through them first before anyone else can see what you’ve deleted?
  17. A brand new playlist. Need to switch up your jogging routine? Make a brand new playlist and listen to it only when you jog or hit the treadmill.
  18. Don’t break the chain. If you’ve been working out every day, that can be enough motivation right there, because you don’t want to break the chain. It helps if you mark a big “X” on your calendar after every day you’ve completed, so you can see the days accumulating. It’s all about forming good habits.
  19. Stress-relief. Rough day? Rough week? Take it out on the workout. It’s like screaming into your pillow, but for your whole body!
  20. Doing a solid for “future you.” Future you is the you 10 seconds, 10 weeks, 10 years from now, and she’s relying on you to make good decisions for her. Do her a solid. Do the work out.
Almie Rose is a writer from Los Angeles, California. Her favorite thing to do is eat, sleep, and repeat. If you enjoy reading about dating and Los Angeles and pop culture, check out her book, "I Forgot To Be Famous."