20 Things We Wish Our Boyfriends Knew Without Us Having To Tell Them

Men are notoriously dense and bad at guessing, and women are notorious for not saying what we want or mean, while still expecting men to figure us out on their own. Sorry ladies, but just because you share a bond with someone doesn’t mean you can read each other’s minds. That’s why words exist.

But sometimes, words can’t always describe how we feel, or they come off sounding empty. That’s why we simply just wish our boyfriends could realize these things without us having to spell it out for them.

  1. How much we love it when they tell us we’re beautiful.It doesn’t matter if they say it five times a day or not, because we love hearing it come out of their mouths every single time.
  2. When we’re getting our periods.That way, they can bring us our favorite foods as a peace offering in advance.
  3. How truly bad some of their ideas are, but also how sweet they can be at the same time. Moving the bed to the living room so we can watch TV AND sleep? Aww, but no.
  4. That it takes us forever to get ready because we like looking good for them. Also, our eyelashes don’t curl themselves, you know.
  5. That we love getting gifts.Even if we say we don’t want anything, we really mean we do.
  6. How sexy they make us feel. We love making them drool.
  7. How much we love it when they spoil us.We deserve to be treated like queens, right?
  8. How happy it makes us when they do household chores.Because then we don’t have to do them!
  9. How much we love it when they take us out on surprise dates. Especially when they tell us to dress up.
  10. That no matter how long we’ve been together, they still have a way of making us melt.Some gestures never get old.
  11. How much it sucks that they never want to cuddle after sex. Like, we get that they’re tired and sweaty, but c’mon.
  12. How much we hate it when they look at other women.Seriously, why do they do that?
  13. That even though they’re grown men, they sometimes still act like teenagers.It must be in the male genes.
  14. How often we think about how their last names sound with our first names. Even if we’re against marriage, it still happens.
  15. That sometimes we think about how good a father they’d be.Even if we hate kids.
  16. How afraid we are of losing them because of their reckless behavior.They’re still just teenagers, after all
  17. All the dirty thoughts we’re too afraid to say out loud.You know that thing you want that you’re too afraid to ask for…
  18. How much we enjoy making them happy.And being an expert at it *wink wink.*
  19. That we set impossibly high standards for them because of all the romantic movies we’ve seen.But we still realize there are some things that only happen in movies.
  20. How much we admire them. And how truly happy they make us.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.