20 Traits Of Strong, Independent Women – How Many Do You Have?

Strong and independent women are special kinds of people. They have certain traits and ways of being that distinguish them from the average. How many of these 20 traits do you have?

  1. They’re unapologetic in their ways. Women who are independent and strong are who they are. They’re proud of the women they are and they aren’t afraid to show it. They do things like wear whatever outfits they please or say what needs to be said. They’re fearless.
  2. They’re comfortable in their skin. Their unapologetic showing of self isn’t just a show. They’re genuinely comfortable in their own skin. Since they’re humans too, they imperfectly love their bodies—but they do love them. Their skin may not be perfect, but they know it’s lovable anyway.
  3. They refuse to settle for less. Since they’re so aware of their worth, they never settle for less in dating or in life. They can sense a toxic dude from a mile away and they just don’t let in those who aren’t worthy of them. They’re too precious and they know it.
  4. They have great boundaries. Unlike many people in the world, independent and strong women know how to say no. They aren’t scared to demand that their needs are met and they aren’t afraid to set a boundary because they’re aware that their needs are important. 
  5. Their values are very important to them. They’re good at setting boundaries and asking for what they need because their values are wildly important to them. For example, it’s important that they’re treated with the utmost respect in dating. If this is violated, they bounce. They stick to their ethics. 
  6. They’re okay being alone. It’s so easy for these women to say “no” to the wrong person because ending up alone doesn’t scare them. They know that they’ll be totally fine as single women. They also know that they’re never truly alone because they have wonderful friends and a great support system. 
  7. They know that asking for help doesn’t make them any less independent. Many people confuse independence with utter self-dependence, but truly independent women know that they can’t do it alone. They aren’t afraid to accept help from her besties, knowing they’re still bosses in the end.
  8. They have high emotional EQs. Accepting help starts with good communication and that’s what these gals have. They’re impeccable communicators because they have high levels of emotional intelligence. Their high EQs leave them at a great place in the world, wonderfully relating to others.
  9. They have solid senses of self. They can communicate so well because they know exactly who they are. They’ve done years of work developing their senses of self. They aren’t totally inflexible, they just know what they need and who they are. Since they’re so self-aware, they demand what they need. 
  10. They’re feminists. These people are badass warrior women. They know that to be truly independent and strong, they have to embrace feminism… and they’re glad to. They know that equality of the sexes will only boost their levels of independence. As a result, they’re proud feminists. 
  11. They inspire those around them. Their fearlessness is truly inspiring. They regularly have women tell them that they’ve inspired them. It’s hard not to be influenced by women so bold. They stick to their truths and they are who they are.
  12. They put themselves out there. Their fearlessness impacts many parts of their lives, but one big one is their dating lives. They aren’t afraid to put themselves out on a limb for love. They’re often the ones to ask someone else on a date and they’re totally okay if it doesn’t work out. 
  13. They can handle emotional turmoil. Having high emotional intelligence leaves them super resilient and able to bounce back quickly. As a result, they’re still okay if they get rejected. They understand that emotional bumps and bruises are just natural parts of life.
  14. They roll with change. Many people freak out when plans or circumstances change. Not these women, though. Just like their resiliency, they have immense adaptability. They can change the sails on their ship in a heartbeat, knowing that life is unpredictable. They roll with it.
  15. They practice acceptance and don’t fight reality. When change comes up, they aren’t the ones kicking and screaming, wishing things were different. Rather, they have a high level of acceptance. They know that fighting reality is totally useless, so they practice taking a deep breath and accepting what is.
  16. They have compassion for others and themselves. Importantly, they’re able to practice compassion. This compassion isn’t only given to themselves, but it’s extended out to others as well. This keeps them connected to the human race while also able to self-soothe.
  17. They take care of others but take care of themselves first.Independent women are around to help in a flash, but they make sure to check their reserves first. They always make sure they have gas in their own tank before helping someone else to fill theirs. Though they’re happy to help others if they can.
  18. They’re dedicated to themselves. Self-compassion warms their heart and keeps them remembering how much they deserve love and care. As a result, they’re completing dedicated to being the best person they can be. They also make promises to never abandon themselves.
  19. They know they’ll be okay no matter what. Life and dating can be tough. On the other hand, independent and strong women know deep down inside of themselves that they’ll always be okay no matter what. They have a sense of connection to themselves that can never be broken.
  20. They listen to their intuition above all else. Since they’re so connected to themselves, their internal compass is their master guide. They’re truly connected to their intuition because they know that their gut would never lead them astray.
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