22-Year-Old Model Defends Relationship With 57-Year-Old Boyfriend

22-Year-Old Model Defends Relationship With 57-Year-Old Boyfriend

An Australian couple with a 35-year age gap has taken to TikTok to defend their relationship and hit back at critics who insist 22-year-old Britnye Quayle is “only in it for the money.” However, she insists she’s mad about 57-year-old James and that their love is legit.



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  1. Britnye and James met at a casino. The former Miss New Zealand finalist met James during a drunken night out at a casino. Britnye was so out of it, she bought nine sandwiches because she was starving, and this caught James’s eye. He loved her confidence and decided to strike up a conversation. The two connected instantly.
  2. They live together in Queensland, Australia now. Together, they run a TikTok account covering their age-gap relationship, which seems to draw a mixed reaction. They have nearly 22,000 followers who love them, but many criticize them for being fake, with much of the vitriol directed at Britnye.
  3. Sometimes Britnye and James are mistaken for father and daughter. James has admitted that some of the hate they receive is somewhat upsetting but he’s learned to brush it off his back. “Well, the comments are interesting – lots of love. So thank you for everyone who is mature enough to understand. But there are a lot of comments about money – she’s only in it for the money,” he said in a recent video. “I was married for 30 years. Bought my wife a Maserati, paid for everything. What is the difference? Of course, every relationship – certainly traditional relationships, where the man looks after the woman – of course, you’re going to spend money. It’s just not an issue and not relevant.”
  4. As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters. Regardless of what anyone else has to say about their relationship, if their arrangement works for them, why does it matter to anyone else? Britnye is an adult who can make her own decisions, as is James. Let them live their best life!

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