3-Year-Old Girl Puts Boy In A Headlock Because He Asked Her To Marry Him

As women, we know all too well what it’s like to be harassed and harangued by guys when we just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, it’s a trend that starts all too early, as 3-year-old Kynlee McFetridge of St. Charles, Missouri learned recently. However, instead of putting up with it, she took matters into her own hands.

  1. She put her classmate in a headlock. Kynlee was caught by her teacher putting a male student named Jack into a headlock. When asked by the teacher why she did that, she calmly explained that Jack had asked her to marry him. Ha!
  2. Kids don’t get married. As Kynlee explained in a video captured by her mom “I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down because kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him.” I mean, she’s not wrong!
  3. Her dad tried not to laugh. While the teacher laughed the incident off, Kynlee’s dad tried to take it seriously when he noticed a pink mark on her behavior chart upon picking her up from school that day. The mark indicated that she’d been a bit naughty and when the teacher told him why, he had to try to keep a straight face. “I was trying to be a good dad and reprimand her, but it was pretty hilarious,” he told Fox News. “It was hard for me to stop laughing and put her in timeout but we made it happen.”
  4. Kynlee learned how to wrestle from her dad. He wasn’t teaching her to be violent, but Kynlee’s dad Scott would play wrestle with her to help her get stronger. Kynlee was born with a heart condition and had to have surgery when she was only five months old, so using her muscles by play fighting with her dad was meant to be a help. Scott certainly didn’t imagine Kynlee would put her moves to use at school! “It’s not like I taught her (a headlock). I was just trying to get her stronger and coordinated and I guess she figured out what I was doing and I didn’t really realize she learned it,” he said.
  5. Yes, Kynlee knows what she did was wrong. Scott says that Kynlee recognizes that her actions were wrong and is actually good friends with Jack. “Every dad wants their little girl to put a headlock down on a boy, especially one who had a rough start like her. Hopefully she can still do that in about 12 years,” he said.
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