32 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys But Would Love To Know The Answers To

Men and women tend to communicate in totally different ways, which means we rely a lot on context and inference to figure out what’s on each other’s minds. While it shouldn’t be this way and we should all feel comfortable opening up to each other honestly and directly, that doesn’t always happen. Here are some questions girls are afraid to ask guys but would love to know the answers to.

  1. Do you want to have kids? When? If you’re someone who wants a family down the line and you feel like you’re not getting any younger, this is probably a question you want the answer to sooner rather than later. However, you’re probably a little nervous to bring up the topic because you don’t want to freak him out. Ugh!
  2. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy? Perhaps this is one of the questions girls are afraid to ask guys because we feel like they might want us to enact it with them and it might be something really crazy. However, it would still be interesting to know what freaky stuff goes on in their minds, wouldn’t it?
  3. How many women have you slept with? Men want to know this about women and while it probably matters to us a bit less, we’d like that same info about the guys we date. It’s morbid curiosity more than anything else!
  4. Do you enjoy giving oral sex or just receiving it? We know men like getting BJs, but do they like giving women head too, or is it all about their own pleasure? Do they only go down on us because they know we like it and they’re trying to be nice or do they get pleasure from it as well?
  5. Why did your relationship with your ex really end? They might try to keep things low-key and claim that it just didn’t work out, and maybe that’s true. However, it would be good to know what really went on between them and their exes because it can tell us a lot about what we’re getting ourselves into.
  6. Do you think my stretch marks/uneven boobs/[weird body thing] make me unattractive? As women, we know the things we’re insecure about, but do guys feel the same way about our bodies? This is one of the questions girls are afraid to ask guys because we’re not exactly sure we want the answers!
  7. Do you ever want to get married? If you do and he doesn’t, that’s a problem. If you really like a guy, you’ll want the honeymoon period to go on as long as possible, and nothing brings it to a screeching halt faster than realizing you’re on completely different pages in life.
  8. What do you think is the most attractive feature on a woman? What if it’s a quality we don’t have? Does that mean they can’t possibly love us or be into us because of it? Will they want us to change ourselves so that we do have that quality? Ugh!
  9. Who do you really think should pay for the first date? Guys might pick up the tab on the first date, but deep down, do they feel like they really shouldn’t have to? Would they prefer if we went dutch or if we paid the bill every once in a while?
  10. Do you believe in falling in love? It’s no wonder this is one of the questions girls are afraid to ask guys because there’s so much riding on the answer. If the answer is no, what are we even doing?!
  11. Do you prefer women to wear more makeup or less? The answer to this question shouldn’t change our personal decisions because we should always be doing what feels right to us and what makes us feel most confident in our own skin. However, it’d still be interesting to know what they think.
  12. Do you think cheating on a partner is acceptable? Most people would probably say no to this, but if they think infidelity is forgivable, that can tell you a lot about where they stand and how seriously they take commitment.
  13. Why do you automatically assume I have my period when I’m in a bad mood? Why do guys do this? You bring up a totally valid point about something they’re doing wrong and suddenly, you must be “on the rag” or PMSing. It’s total BS and really annoying.
  14. What’s the first thing you notice about a woman? Generally speaking, this is going to be a physical trait rather than something about our shining personalities, but still, what’s the one thing that stands out? It’ll likely be different for every guy, but hopefully it’s not always about boobs and butts.
  15. Does it bother you when a woman has slept with more people than you? Again, maybe this is one of those questions girls are afraid to ask guys because if they say yes and we have a higher body count, they might look down on us or maybe even not want to date us, and that would seriously suck.
  16. Why do periods gross you out so much? They’re a completely natural bodily function, so what’s the deal? What are they, like, 10?
  17. What’s something you find annoying about me? We don’t really want to know what the answer to this is because we want to believe that guys find us endlessly charming, intelligent, and attractive. But there has to be something, right?
  18. Why do men hate rom-coms so much? They’re actually pretty good. What’s wrong with a little mindless entertainment, and why do so many guys find these movies emasculating?
  19. Why do you think commitment would stifle your freedom? So many men believe that getting into a relationship or getting married is the end of life as they know it, but why is that? You don’t suddenly lose your hobbies, interests, friends, and career when you say “I do.” What kind of warped thinking goes into this?
  20. Do guys talk about women the way we talk about men? We know they engage in “locker room talk” and brag about sex they had (or didn’t have but want to claim they did), but do they analyze every little thing we do and say the way we do with them?
  21. What makes a girl “slutty”? First of all, “slutty” is not a descriptor that should ever be used for any woman, let alone one who enjoys sex. However, what makes guys describe a woman this way? What exact behavior earns her this title in their eyes?
  22. Do you really care about how much body hair I have? We feel like we need to have perfectly shaved legs and underarms at all times and make sure our pubes are shaved bare like we’re 5-year-olds, but is that what guys really want?
  23. Do you only want to date me for the sex? Again, it’s no wonder this is one of the questions girls are afraid to ask guys because it’s a potential relationship-ender. If they admit that they really just like having someone around so they can get laid regularly while we’re looking for Mr. Right, that’s a problem.
  24. Do you ever compare me to your ex in your head? If they were with their ex for a long time, it’s only natural that they’re going to compare our relationship to theirs, right? It’s unclear why we actually want to know this but we totally do.
  25. Do you think I’m fat/my body is unattractive? Just because they like sleeping with us doesn’t mean they don’t think we’re fat/could stand to use a few pounds/that we should go to the gym. Of course, thinking this would make them total jerks, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t.
  26. Do guys really only ever think about sex? For real, it feels like guys are ruled by their d***s and literally every decision they make revolves around it. Is that actually true or is it a giant misconception? (I have the sneaking feeling it’s true.)
  27. Are you intimidated when your girlfriend has a lot of guy friends? When they’re the jealous type, it can get so bad that we can’t even mention a guy’s name without them throwing a fit. While guys who are secure in themselves should have no problem with their girlfriends having guy friends, it’d be interesting to find out how many do deep down.
  28. What is your biggest turn-off? We tend to know what guys like, but what qualities do they definitely not like, the ones that will make them run the other way fast?
  29. Do you like when women ask you out? Many guys are very traditional and like to be the ones making all the moves… or so we think. Are there some guys who would prefer if we stepped up to the plate?
  30. Does it bother you when I text you while you’re with your friends? They say they love being with us, but does it annoy them if we text them while they’re with their bros or is it no big deal? Obviously we shouldn’t encroach on their personal time, but is it really all that bad to send a quick message?
  31. Are you against PDA? How do they really feel about holding hands or kissing in public? Does it gross them out or do they not mind showing affection when other people are around?
  32. Have you ever ghosted anyone? Why? There’s never any excuse for this, but it happens regularly. We want to know why and what’s going through their heads when they decide to fall off the face of the earth without a trace.
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill