This 4 Ingredient Cookie Dough Bread Is The Latest TikTok Craze You Have To Try

Social media trends aren’t always worth following. In fact, most times, it’s probably better to ignore them altogether. However, every once in a while something great comes around — whipped coffee, anyone? — and when it does, you have to try it. The latest TikTok craze couldn’t be easier or more delicious. I’m talking about cookie dough bread and it’s well worth your time.

  1. There’s no one exact recipe. In other words, there’s no one right way to make your own cookie dough bread. Many of the people making it on TikTok seem to agree on the same four basic ingredients to get started, but there’s nothing to say you can’t customize it to your personal tastes.
  2. So where did the idea come from? It seems like the inspiration for the cookie dough bread craze came from an Instagram post by @lilisupper, who put together a four-ingredient flourless recipe that everyone seems to love. From there, intrepid bakers decided to remix it and put their own spin on the original with what look like pretty delicious results.
  3. So what four ingredients do you need? The original recipe calls for baking soda, eggs, cashew butter, and chocolate chips. You can probably change the cashew butter for another nut butter if you’d like — peanut or almond would likely work just as well, not that I’ve tried it — but the eggs and baking soda aren’t negotiable, unfortunately. The chocolate chips should also stay, though the recipe will still work if you want to replace them with, say, M&Ms or whatever.
  4. There are so many ways to heighten this recipe. For instance, some TikTok users used the base cookie dough bread recipe to make banana bread. Others have added things like cookie butter for an ultra indulgent twist. There are many ways to play around with this, so have fun. You never know what delicious snack combo you might come up with.
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