4 Parents Who Fell In Love With Each Other Form A ‘Polyfamory’

Four parents in Oregon all fell in love with one another and are now in a happy “polyfamory.” Alysia Rodgers, 34, and her husband, Tyler, were happily married. However, when they met Sean Hartless, 46, and his wife, Taya, suddenly they realized a whole new way to love. Now, all four are in a polyamorous relationship and have never been happier.

Neither couple had ever been in a polyamorous relationship before. They never even considered being with another couple and opening up their marriage. However, when they met one another, they couldn’t deny the connection they had. They moved in together in February 2020, complete with Tyler and Alysia’s two kids. Alysia and Taya have since given birth to one child each, expanding the family.

Neither woman is sure whether Tyler or Sean is the father of their respective children. Alysia told “Today” that they “did not regulate the biology” and that they’re “all equal parents to all of the children and it’s not up for debate or discussion.”

Alysia went on to say that they’re open with their kids about their relationship and the children’s origins. “It’s not something that we’re trying to hide from the children either,” she explained. “If they want to know where their DNA comes from, we will absolutely go down that path with them. But at this point in their lives, it doesn’t matter.”

The “polyfamory” runs an Instagram page. They use the account to share everyday moments in their lives, including the men switching beds every other night. They even kiss one another when saying goodbye in public, which they love because “it’s kinda fun to freak people out.”

Despite the few minor challenges they face, Tyler insists that they’re “just like any other monogamous family.” He adds: “There’s just four of us. Being a parent is so much more than just biology, and that’s what we’re about.”

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