Florida Man Arrested For DUI Claims He Only Had ‘One Beer’ And Doesn’t Realize He Pooped His Pants

Florida Man Arrested For DUI Claims He Only Had ‘One Beer’ And Doesn’t Realize He Pooped His Pants Lake County Jail

You can always count on Florida to have some of the wackiest arrest stories out there, and this one is no different. Jeffrey Allen Bowman, 51, lives in Lady Lake and decided to go out for a drive in his Nissan Altima on Tuesday afternoon after consuming one too many alcoholic beverages. Getting behind the wheel of a car when you’ve had anything to drink is obviously a no-no, but when he was stopped by police, he not only lied about how much he’d consumed but was also so far gone that he didn’t realize he’d pooped himself.

  1. It took him four blocks to pull over. Despite officers indicating that he should stop the vehicle immediately, Bowman didn’t do so for four entire blocks. Officers noted that he was “very unsteady” when leaving the car and that he held onto the side of the vehicle for support.
  2. Bowman was clearly three sheets to the wind. In addition to not being able to stand up on his own, police noted that his speech was slurred, though he continually insisted that he’d only had a single beer.
  3. Bowman also refused to do a breathalyzer test. He told officers he wouldn’t provide a breath sample or take part in any field sobriety tests. They later discovered that he refused during a similar arrest in 2000, Villages-News reports. During their discussions with Bowman, police also discovered that Bowman had “defecated in his pants” but had no idea that he’d done so.
  4. He was arrested and taken to Lake County Jail. He was charged with DUI and refusal to submit a breath sample and later released after posting $2,000 bond. It’s unclear whether he had to sit in his soiled pants in jail until he was released or if they gave him some fresh clothes to clean himself up.
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