5 Apps That Help You Take A Break From Your Ex

5 Apps That Help You Take A Break From Your Ex ©iStock/mihailomilovanovic

Getting over a breakup in one piece can feel impossible, but there are ways to get through it. One of the hardest parts is taking a break from your ex to get him out of your system. You might feel tempted to keep in contact because you still love him or feel that you have unresolved issues, but all it does is prolong the grieving process. So how do you stay away? Turn to technology, of course. Here are five apps that will actually help put some space between you and your ex:

  1. Rx Breakup (Free) is an app that is determined to get you over your ex in 30 days. Each day it gives you a guide of what do For example, on day one, you’re not allowed to contact your ex in any way. This one is probably good for those that are new to breakups and are unsure how to handle them, or for those who just crave structure.
  2. Killswitch (Free) is what you need when you literally want to erase your ex. This app deletes photos, videos, wall posts, and statuses that are tagged with his name. But what if you get back together or you’re ready to look at them? Well, they get put into a nice little folder that you can access in those rare instances. Out of sight, out of mind, though, right?
  3. Never Liked It Anyway (Free) is where you go when you also need to get rid of all the gifts he gave you, your wedding dress, and other physical baggage after a split. Turn your heartbreak into money by selling your stuff on the app to get reminders of your ex out of your place.
  4. Eternal Sunshine (Free) is for if you think it’s too dramatic to defriend your ex. How to do you low key get rid of him? Well, this extension will hide updates from your former boyfriend without you having to defriend him, so he’ll never know. You look like you’re the ex who’s above it all but you’ll be free of constant reminders.
  5. Designated Dialer ($0.99) is for when you’re drunk and you have a bunch of things you feel like you need to say right then and there to your ex. To stop yourself from doing something you’ll regret, this app will allow you to lock your phone and block the selected phone numbers you pick. In order to get it unlocked, you have to pass a coordination test.
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