You Can Buy A 5 Pound Bag Of Gummy Worms For Under $10—We’re Sold!

Another day, another gigantic bag of candy I’m telling you that you need to buy ASAP because I love sugar and I assume everyone else does just as much as me. This time around, we’re grabbing a 5 LB bag of gummy worms for under $10 (and trying not to eat them all in one sitting).

  1. Gummy worms are one of the best forms of gummy candy. I’m into all gummy candy, to be honest. Gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, Haribos, etc. However, gummy worms are especially delicious, particularly because you feel like you’re getting more candy per piece given that it’s long (i.e. worm-length). That sounds dumb but if you feel the same, you’ll get me!!
  2. Black Forest gummy worms are made with real fruit juice. This means you don’t have to feel QUITE so bad filling your face with loads of sugar. I mean, they’re not exactly as healthy as a salad or whatever, but they are fat-free, gluten-free, and contain actual fruit juice, so they do have some redeeming health qualities.
  3. They’re especially delicious. While all candy is yummy by default, there’s something about Black Forest’s recipe that is just extra tasty. I don’t know if it’s the inclusion of real fruit juice or what, but they almost taste… fresh, if that makes sense. The problem with this is that it makes you want to keep eating more and more of them! Thank goodness you get 5 pounds’ worth.
  4. Putting them in the freezer makes them even better. This is according to a few reviewers who claim popping the Black Forest gummy worms in your freezer for a few hours or even overnight somehow intensifies the flavors. It’s hard to say whether that’s just a placebo effect or what, but hey, I’m all for food experimentation.
  5. For under $10, they’re a total steal. And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m always out for a bargain. I mean, who isn’t?

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