This 5 Pound Tub Of Twizzlers Needs To Be Your Next Amazon Purchase

Candy of all sorts is delicious, but Twizzlers are something special. They’re an amazing mix of childhood nostalgia and tasty sugar-filled goodness that even your adult self can still appreciate. That’s why you should keep a constant supply on tap, which you can easily do when you order this 5LB tub of Twizzlers on Amazon for just over 10 bucks.

  1. That’s a whole lotta Twizzlers. While exactly how many pieces are in the tub is a bit of a mystery (unless you buy them and count them yourself), but according to an Amazon reviewer, there are about 100 Twizzlers per package. That’s a ton of Twizzlers. How quickly do you think you could get through them?
  2. They’re low calorie so they make a great snack. For three pieces, you’re looking at 120 calories, which really isn’t bad for an afternoon snack. Of course, maybe you’re not calorie counting (and why should you?) so you’re not worried about that. In that case, maybe you want to have several servings and we totally support you.
  3. Who doesn’t love Twizzlers? Seriously, that’s really all this entry needs to say. If you love candy, want something that won’t melt and everyone loves, Twizzlers are the way to go. They literally remind me of my childhood and anything that lets me bask in nostalgia, I’m all for.
  4. For just over $11, it’s a total bargain. Whether you’re buying this for the office or for your snack cupboard at home, $11 is a small price to pay for a giant tub of Twizzler. Sometimes you just need a sugar fix so having something at the ready when the cravings hit hard is always convenient. In fact, maybe you should buy a couple of them so that you always have them in stock when you want them. Admit it, it’s not a bad idea, right?

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