5 Things We Need To Stop Blaming On Guys (Because We’re Just As Guilty)

Instead of constantly pointing the blame at guys for their actions, what if we took a step back and reevaluated our own behavior? We’re not perfect either – and sometimes, we’re just as guilty (if not more) than guys of engaging in somewhat shady behavior.

Here are 5 things we need to stop calling guys out for:

1. Not knowing what it is he wants out of a relationship.  Sure, nobody likes the guessing game – but to be fair, do YOU really know what you want either? You might claim you want to be in a committed relationship, but then find yourself living it up with your single friends and appreciating the notion of not being tied down to one person. The truth is, we all flip flop back and forth when determining what it is we want. It will inevitably hurt when a guy who seemed interested states otherwise, but learn to appreciate that at least he’s being honest – and not tricking you into thinking it’s something more than it really is.

2. Exploring his other options. So you just found him on Tinder….. well, what were YOU doing on there anyway? It doesn’t make sense to expect a guy to be all about you and only you, when you’re clearly not putting forth the same effort. In reality, we’re all often scared to commit due to the impending fear of “What if something better comes around?” Having a “back-up plan” isn’t ideal, but our past experiences have often taught us to refrain from putting all of our eggs in one basket. Until we allow ourselves to put in our trust in one person, we can’t get mad at guys for failing to do so.

3. Being guarded about his feelings. It might be frustrating when your boyfriend seems closed-off or emotionally distant, but trying to drag things out of him isn’t going to turn him into an open book. On the other side, women are often perceived as “crazy” or “psycho” when we get slightly emotional. However, to avoid coming off that way, we often act passive-aggressive and make things progressively worse. Guys may not always be open and inviting to sharing their emotions, but getting pouty and giving the silent treatment isn’t any better. Whether it’s you or your guy who is upset about something, it’s best to just approach it rationally and go from there.

4. Not being in constant communication with you. Obviously, nothing is wrong with texting all day – but freaking out when he doesn’t respond to your text at the speed of the light? Not okay. You might be irritated because you feel like he’s forgetting about you when he’s out with friends, but put yourself in the same situation. When you’re having a girls’ night, would you want to be the one who’s constantly on your phone and not actually contributing anything worthwhile to the discussion? Chances are, you pay a lot less attention to your phone too in these situations too.

5. Not being Prince Charming all the time. Let’s be honest – when you wake up cranky on Monday morning, you’re not exactly princess material either. They say chivalry is dead, but a Chipotle date over fine dining once in a while doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Embrace the simplicity in a relationship, and don’t expect too much at all times. When you spend less time focusing on the “fairytale”, you’ll appreciate the relationship for what it is.

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