5 Ways A Married Man Acts When Attracted He’s To Another Woman

He’s in a committed relationship with someone else. Maybe they’ve been married for years or maybe it’s only been a few months, but he’s somebody’s husband and therefore definitely not on the market. So why does it seem like he’s flirting with you? If you’re not sure if you’re imagining it or there really is something more than friendly to his actions, pay attention. Here are some signs that a married man is attracted to another woman — in this case, you.

He lets his guard down when it’s just the two of you. He keeps it purely professional/platonic when you’re in a group setting, but as soon as it’s just the two of you, it’s like he transforms into a whole new person. Suddenly, his whole demeanor changes and he seems way more relaxed. His body language shifts and he lets loose, chatting to you more freely, getting closer to you, etc. Why wasn’t he acting like this when you were with other people? Because he knows it’s wrong, that’s why.

He wants to know all about your love life. One of the most obvious signs a married man is attracted to a woman other than his wife is that he wants to know the ins and outs of her love life. If he seems preoccupied with who you’re dating, what you’re looking for in a guy, and what your romantic desires are, there’s a high chance it’s because he’s interested in you in that way. Sure, friends talk about dating, but if this is more than a fleeting topic, something is up here.

He talks about his wife with you. You may think a guy’s willingness to talk about his wife with you means that there’s nothing romantic between you, but that’s not always the case. If he complains about his wife/relationship to you or goes on about how he doesn’t know where things are going in his relationship, listen up. He’s likely hinting at being unhappy to let you know that he’s not as committed as he should be and could be open to something more.

He doesn’t talk about his wife with you. On the flip side, a married guy who avoids talking about his wife may be doing so because he doesn’t want you to think about the fact that he’s already spoken for. If he never mentions her at all or quickly changes the topic whenever she’s brought up in your presence, that’s likely on purpose.

He makes jokes about you two being together. Sure, a passing joke about you two being the office “It couple” or how you’re so alike you should have gotten together is funny the first time, but if it’s all the time, there’s something else there. All jokes have a bit of truth to them, so beware — he could be hoping you’ll pick up what he’s putting down and try to start something a bit more than friendly with him.

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