5-Year-Old Boy Claims He’s The Reincarnation Of Princess Diana And Has Proof

Princess Diana was known as “The People’s Princess,” so beloved was she by everyone around the world for her kindness, empathy, and her dedication to humanitarian causes. Her loss in 2007 was devastating and tragic, leaving a hole in the royal family (and turning many against it!) and uniting us all in grief. However, now, 24 years later, a 5-year-old Australian boy claims he’s the reincarnation of Princess Diana and he has some information to share.

Billy Campbell is the son of Australian TV personality David Campbell. David and his wife Lisa have three kids together: 10-year-old Leo and 5-year-old twins Betty and Billy. However, despite Billy’s young age and the fact that he’s generally a pretty normal kid, he’s always had an intense connection to Lady Di.

It started with a birthday card Billy gave his mom. The card had a picture of Princess Diana on it. “Billy pointed and said, ‘Look! It’s me when I was a princess,'” David claimed in an article he wrote for Stellar magazine, as per The Sun. Given that Billy was only two at the time, you have to admit that’s pretty weird. However, David and Lisa laughed it off at the time.

Things got weirder from there. Billy would see photos of Prince William and Prince Harry and refer to them as “my boys” and “my sons,” according to David. The dad of three even claims that Billy often talks about Diana’s brother John, who died only a few hours after his birth. If you’re not already convinced, there’s more. “To a Scottish friend of ours, he claimed when he was Princess Diana he used to go to a castle in that kilted wonderland,” David wrote. “He described the castle as having ‘unicorns on it’ and was called Balmoral.” David claims that Billy was even able to choose the real Balmoral from a bunch of pictures of different castles they showed him.

Billy can even recall Diana’s death. According to David, his experience of being Diana is so vivid, he even recalls her fatal crash. “[His mum] showed him another photo of Diana,” David shared. In response, Billy is said to have claimed: “‘There’s me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore.'”

Is Billy really the reincarnation of Princess Diana? Unlikely. In fact, some would say impossible. He clearly has a vivid imagination and is in a family that seems to really love Lady Di, so it’s no wonder he’s memorized some of the facts about her life. That, or the dad is straight-up lying for a story, which isn’t all that uncommon. Nevertheless, I think it’s pretty safe to say Diana is no longer with us in any form.

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