This 6 Foot Tall Inflatable Halloween Cat Has Flashing Eyes & A Moving Head

Halloween really is just around the corner (as I’ve been saying since, oh, I dunno, last November 1st?) and that means it’s time to get my decorations out of storage. I’ve got my fireplace skulls, my Jack Skellington inflatable, and even my skeleton serving platter. What I did not have, however, until about 20 minutes ago when I placed an order, was this amazing 6-foot inflatable cat with LED eyes.

  1. What’s scarier than a 6.5-foot tall evil cat with glowing eyes? Oh, did I also mention the fact that this thing’s head moves? Because it does! Stick this sucker in your front yard and the trick or treaters will lose their minds, I promise.
  2. The eyes don’t just glow, they flash. Seeing a pair of glowing eyes peering out of the darkness is terrifying enough on its own, but these eyes FLASH as the head tilts ever-so-slowly, making it even creepier. Seriously, I was freaking out even watching the video on the product page, which is why I knew I had to order ASAP.
  3. It self-inflates, so it’ll be up and running in no time. Instead of having to buy a separate air pump to get this cat full of air, you literally plug it in and it will inflate itself, meaning it’ll be ready to freak out anyone who passes by your house in minutes. I’m into it! It also comes with ground stakes and a tether to keep it in place.
  4. It’s easy to store. When you’re done with this for the season (I mean, I would leave it up through Christmas but I guess that’s just me), you just deflate it and it folds up pretty compactly to be put in a closet, attic, garage, or wherever else you store things. My house is already cluttered enough so this was a big selling point for me.

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