6 Ways A Good Relationship Helps Your Career

6 Ways A Good Relationship Helps Your Career ©iStock/svetikd

Many people say that they’re not looking for a relationship because they want to focus on their careers, but relationships don’t have to be a distraction. If you’re with the right person, it can actually help you out in the workplace. Here are six simple ways a good relationship can give you a career boost:

  1. Conscientious partners are more likely going to lead to success at work. Research has found that simply dating someone who wants to succeed at work can rub off on the other partner. People who have married someone with this quality scored highest on occupational success.
  2. It lowers your stress. Work can be stressful, but if you’re in a good relationship then you have someone who can listen to your problems and de-stress you afterwards. So if you find someone who can do that, keep him!
  3. You become a better team player. In any relationship, there’ll be differences and disagreements, but in a good one, you’re able to communicate and work them out together. That’s a skill that can seriously come in handy in the wrokplace. If you find a guy who teaches you how to play nicer with others, use that to your advantage!
  4. Splitting responsibilities lets you focus. In a good relationship where things are equal, you have time and energy to dominate and become a boss. If you’ve got a boyfriend who’s a team player, you’ve seriously lucked out.
  5. The right partner gives you more confidence. The guy who loves you is hopefully also the one reminding you how awesome you are in all aspects. When people are putting you down at work, coming home to a positive person pulling you up is what’s going to make you go back into work ready to show people your worth.
  6. You have a sounding board for your ideas. So maybe you have an idea you want to bring up at work, or you want to have a huge talk about getting that promotion. Having a partner who you can hash your idea out and practice your talking points with will make you better prepared than if you go in all alone. A good partner will not only take the time to help you, but give you honest feedback so you’re not blindsided.
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