The 7 Fundamental Elements Needed for a Healthy Relationship

The matter of head versus heart is always a difficult decision to make. We initially fall for someone for a multitude of reasons – Their good looks, their charm, an amazing first date, etc. In the beginning stages of dating, we are wearing rose-colored glasses. We are captivated by the idea of that person and we love the initial feeling. However, when it comes to getting serious, we often overlook the fundamental elements that are essential towards creating a healthy relationship and making it work. Although it may be fun in the beginning, don’t forget that there is much more to a relationship than just having fun. These are the seven fundamental elements needed for a healthy relationship – because cliche as they may be, they’re totally true.


When you are in a relationship, your significant other is like your counterpart; your teammate. When you are both faced with a struggle, you need to be able to function as a team and work together to get through these difficult situations. Overcoming obstacles tests your patience with one another and brings you closer together.


A majority of fights erupt due to miscommunication or a lack of communication. Being able to talk to each other is a key element in problem-solving and making sure that your partner knows what is going on in your head. They can’t read your mind and vice versa. If you can’t talk about your problems, then it could lead to a lot of repressed emotions that will eventually come out at some point. Don’t leave them in the dark.


No one likes being deceived or lied to. You want to make sure you know the person that you are investing your time into. Honesty plays a key role in getting to know someone and this goes hand in hand with being able to trust them.


The most precious thing to acquire is a person’s trust. Similarly, the most difficult thing to gain back is a person’s trust. Trust is a delicate thing – It can make or break a relationship. Once trust goes out the window, it could lead to a series of fear and anxiety of the other person lying or being unfaithful. Make sure that you trust one another or else your relationship cannot grow.


Every relationship is unique. The chemistry between two individuals is never the same for two other individuals. Therefore, you should never compare your partner to another person. Trying to understand that person and why they are the way they are is a long and difficult process. But try to see things through their eyes and maybe you’ll have a better sense of understanding their actions and reactions to situations.


Even if you may not agree with your partner’s views on a certain topic, that doesn’t mean you should make them feel bad about it. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you do have to respect their opinions and feelings. After all, they are still a free-thinking individual.


Above all, you need love in your relationship in order for it to prosper. Love is the driving force that holds two people together. Even if you are able to check the other items off your list, it is important that the love is still there. Don’t forget why you fell for that person in the first place.

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