7 Reasons Your Girlfriends Are The Most Important People In Your Life

7 Reasons Your Girlfriends Are The Most Important People In Your Life ©iStock/BraunS

The truth is, until you find the one, guys will come and go, but your besties are there long before he appeared, and long after he’s gone. Your girlfriends have been through your ups and downs with you, they know all of your secrets, and they know the real you better than anyone else could. Making your girlfriends less of a priority when you meet a man, or anytime, is a massive mistake — here’s why:

  1. They love you no matter what. Your girls have seen you at your best, your worst, and everywhere in between, and yet somewhat surprisingly, they still love you. You can be completely yourself around them, and they’re there to give a hug and advice no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Lets face it — the only one who can rival that kind of loyalty is your dog.
  2. Girls’ nights. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do with your girls — you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Whether you stay in or go out, the wine is always flowing and the conversations are endless. No matter how often you see each other, there’s always something to catch up on and laugh about. Besides, who else can you watch movies in your pyjamas with your face covered in a mud mask with?
  3. You can talk about guys. Your girlfriends just get it and chances are, they’ve been through it, too. There’s nothing better than getting together with your girls to tear apart the jerk who just ghosted you. The best part is, as much as you hate the guy who hurt you, they’ll hate him even more. And when you do meet a good guy, they’ll want to hear all about him and will be equally as excited for you.
  4. They’re always honest with you. If you’re in the wrong or being dramatic, your girlfriends will call you on it. If you’re shopping together and you try on an unfortunate dress, your friends will always let you know that you can do better. No matter what the issue is, you know they have your back and will tell you the truth, albeit harsh at times, with loving intent.
  5. You can share clothes. Keeping a solid group of girlfriends front and centre in your life means you always have a million things to wear. When you have a big night out and you decide you hate everything you own, you have several more closets to raid.
  6. They understand you. Because girls understand girl issues, there’s nothing you can throw their way that they can’t relate to. From cramps, to dating, to whether to cut or not cut your hair, they get it. It’s so reassuring on a crazy day to know you can shoot a message to your girlfriend group chat and have a ton of great advice sent your way.
  7. They’re there for you at a moment’s notice. If you’re having the worst day ever, your girlfriends will swoop in like Superwoman to pick you up. Equally as awesome is that they will be there in an instant to plan the most fun celebration for your happy times. No matter what the circumstance, your girlfriends are your best life assets. They’ll always make the time for you, and if you have them, you’re very lucky indeed.