7 Reasons You Need A Glass Of Wine RIGHT NOW

7 Reasons You Need A Glass Of Wine RIGHT NOW ©iStock/Neyya

Sometimes life gets you down. And sometimes, a glass of wine picks you right back up again. I’m not an alcoholic, I swear, but let’s just say I’m a big fan of the satisfying grape-y goodness that comes in a smooth glass of wine. Grab a friend, grab a bottle, and use one of these excuses (or one of your own) to indulge:

  1. The Republican debates.Did. They. Really. Just. Say. That. WHERE’S MY WINE?! Get me my wine.
  2. The Democratic debates. Ditto to the above. You were going to play a debate drinking game with shots, but you’re not even that far in and “drink when any candidate complains about not getting enough time” is already doing you in — let alone “drink when the candidate answers a different question than the one that was asked.” You’re toast. You’d better scratch the shots and make this sips of wine.
  3. Vive la France. You can’t believe the world has come to a state where your favorite city in the world is now a scary place to travel given the recent spate of terrorist attacks. You know what you hate more than Republicans and Democrats combined? Terrorists. Screw the terrorists; I’ll drink a large glass of French champagne to that.
  4. Thanksgiving with the family. It’s over for another year. You made it. You went home for the holidays to hear all about how you’re supposed to be a real grown-up woman, so why is it that you’re not yet married and hosting family? and you came out alive. You deserve a glass of wine, and maybe a big old slice of leftover pumpkin pie.
  5. Christmas with the family. Round two. Kick me when I’m down, eh? You get to hear it all over again, as if somehow between Thanksgiving and now you’ve finally come up with an answer that will satisfy your parents on why your long-term boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet. Next, write your Christmas list. You only need one thing: wine.
  6. Daylight savings time. Now it’s not only cold, but it’s dark and dreary out even before you even get home from work. How is it that summer always flies by? The night seems so long. You know what will make it go faster? A glass of wine.
  7. Because you’re a grown-ass woman, and you can.Real talk for a minute, ok? Being an adult sucks. You’ve got bills to pay, a job to kick ass at, an apartment to clean, dinner to cook (fine, buy) and somehow you’re supposed to find time to keep up with friends and hobbies. But you know what the best part about being an adult is? You’re totally in charge of your own alcohol consumption. Have a glass of wine. Wait, make that two. Ok, three. If you insist.

What about you? What’s going on in your life that makes you need a glass? Whatever it is, we’re sure you deserve it. Now the only thing left to figure out is: red or white? Cheers!

Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. She’s also a politics junkie, a fledgling foodie, and a frequent traveler. She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Follow her on Twitter!