Why Being The “Single Friend” Is The Best

Why Being The “Single Friend” Is The Best ©iStock/Shironosov

Every group always has at least one perpetually single friend. In the past, I may have been reluctant to admit that it’s usually me, but I’ve finally learned the magic of being the single friend. Here are 7 reasons why you should embrace it, because it’s awesome:

  1. You’ll always have a wing woman. When going out with your non-single friends, they always want to help you find a man either long term or for the evening. Never discount the benefits of having a wing woman at your side who’s already in a relationship. She’ll go above and beyond without embarrassment, because hey — what does she have to lose, anyway?
  2. Competition slims down. Let’s face it — there’s always competition for that cute guy at the bar between girlfriends. Well, when you’re the only one that’s available, that competition goes straight out the window. Plus, you’ll have your badass wing women for support.
  3. You can enjoy some salacious gossiping. Half the fun of hitting the town with your girlfriends is hearing the morning after stories. If you’re the only single one of your friends, all eyes are going to be on you as you tell your ridiculous story of meeting a guy and having sex on the stairs that night. Enjoy the spotlight!
  4. You can indulge yourself. Being in a relationship is pricey. There are always dinners out, date activities, and little gifts “just because.” Since you don’t have to worry about budgeting for these expenses that add up quickly, you can actually indulge yourself. Whether you want to spend $200 at Sephora or take yourself out for a fancy dinner, it’s all good.
  5. Third wheeling is actually a lot of fun. Being a third wheel really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Don’t be embarrassed when this happens, and instead enjoy spending time with your friends as a couple. Usually your friends would rather spend their time with you over their significant other while out as a group, anyway.
  6. You’ve got plenty of time for self-improvement. Since you aren’t spending five nights a week “Netflix and chilling” with your significant other, there’s plenty of “you” time. Make it count! Develop a hobby, improve friendships, exercise more — whatever makes you the happiest.
  7. You can relax, knowing that it won’t last forever. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. There’s only so long this will last before inevitably you must pass your “single friend” crown on to someone else. Enjoy yourself while it lasts!