7 Secret Fears You Have When Your Best Friend Gets Married

Losing your best friend to her future husband is always a scary thought. One by one, your friends start settling down into their relationships and you’re just sitting back, hoping that it doesn’t mean the end of your friendship. You’ve always been there for them and they’ve always been there for you, so it’s hard to imagine someone else taking your place. You want nothing but their happiness, but you still fear the changes to come once they say “I do”. These are seven fears that we have when your best friend is getting married.

  1. She won’t have time for you anymore. Your best friend is the first one you want to talk to when you have a nuts story to tell or if there’s a problem and we need a shoulder to cry on. The thought that she won’t be readily available during your emotional breakdowns is terrifying. All of a sudden, your problems seem much less significant once she’s married.
  2. She’ll only want to do “married couple things”. Being in the singles club is great and all, but not so much when you’re the only single one left in your group of friends. You don’t want to get blacklisted from doing married couple activities just because you’re the only one without a ring.
  3. Her husband will run her life. Before the husband title, the boyfriend title still allowed some leeway for you to convince your best friend into coming out for girl’s night. Once she says “I do”, you’re just hoping that she can at least make time for a catch-up dinner without her husband interrogating her.
  4. She’ll move away and you’ll be left behind. Married life means a whole new chapter, which means new beginnings. When your friend starts talking about moving elsewhere and starting her life in a new location, you can only beg her to take you with her. Long distance friendships can be just as difficult as long distance relationships. It’s not as easy to make time for each other when she’s 3000 miles away.
  5. She’ll immediately start having kids. It’s scary enough that all of your friends are starting to get married, but once children are thrown into the mix, that’s when you really know things will never be the same. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it will eventually happen. You just hope that you still have a few years with her before it does… or at least have her wait until you’re popping out babies, too.
  6. You’ll just completely stop being friends. The best friend versus boyfriend competition has been a long-fought battle. “Bros before hoes” and “sisters before misters” can only go so far until your best friend has tied the knot. And as a best friend and fellow female, you understand that loyalty to her husband is extremely important. You’re just scared to lose her.
  7. He’ll end up being the wrong one. Your biggest fear is that your best friend will get her heart broken by another man. For years, you’ve tried to protect our friends from the a-holes and heart-breakers out there, but once you’ve given them your blessing towards marriage, you can only hope that it’ll last forever.
Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns