7 Signs You’re Dating Your Phone & Not Him

7 Signs You’re Dating Your Phone & Not Him ©iStock/Martin Dimitrov

We’re all busy, and sometimes dating just isn’t our number one priority — that’s just a side effect of modern life. However, if it feels like your relationship with a guy consists mostly of texts and cute emojis, you may want to ask yourself if it’s actually worth it. Here are a few signs you’re actually dating your phone, not him:

  1. You get good morning texts instead of actual good mornings.The good morning text is something we have a love/hate relationship with. On the plus side, it’s such a great feeling to wake up and have such a cute and thoughtful message waiting for you, but waking up next to him and hearing those two little words in person would be infinitely better.
  2. You’ve seen more selfies of him than his actual face.When you’re dating him mostly through your phone, your camera roll is likely stocked with selfies he’s sent you on various occasions and yet, you haven’t seen him in real life quite as much, which is BS. In an ideal scenario, you’d be in selfies together because you would be spending the face-time together instead.
  3. You rarely make plans to see each other.Being busy does often mean you have less time to dedicate to romance, but that’s no excuse to put off building a real connection with someone in favor of the one you’re getting through your phone. You may as well be dating a robot. Spending time with the guy you’re dating in real life is more important than keeping in touch through text all day, every day.
  4. When you’re out separately, you’re texting the whole night. Whenever the two of you go out separately (which is most of the time), you’re texting constantly throughout the night to the point that you almost feel like you’re together… but you aren’t. The person he is via text isn’t the whole picture, it’s just a small part of him, and you need to know all facets in order to date someone.
  5. You feel like you know him really well despite not spending much time together.When you’re dating a guy mostly through your phone, you feel like you really know him well. And who can blame you? You spend a lot of time chatting with him about your lives. However, you don’t actually have many memories together… unless you count chat history as everlasting memories.
  6. You feel like you’re part of his world, even though you’re looking in from the outside.You feel like you’re a big part of his day-to-day life, but there’s no real proof of it besides a long, scrolling text history. You might want more, but that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.
  7. You have no idea where the relationship is going.The most baffling part of being in a text-heavy relationship is that you really have no idea where things are going. You might wonder to yourself if you’re only keeping in contact to feel some type of connection to someone until an actual relationship opportunity presents itself.

The truth might be brutal, but dating mostly through your phone is more of a void filler than anything else. At the end of the day, if he’s really into you, he’s going to take the relationship with you offline and into real life. You deserve to be on someone’s arm, and not in their back pocket — literally.