7 Stages Of Breaking Up With A Great Guy Who Just Wasn’t Right For You

Every once in a while, we come across an amazing guy in the dating world. He’s got all the qualities you’re looking for and is definitely a catch, but for whatever reason, there’s just something missing. It could be chemistry, the sexual connection, or it could just be that the timing is completely off. Whatever the reason and even though it’s not a particularly sad ending, you still think about him once you end the relationship. After all, he was great, he just wasn’t the right one for you.

  1. You wish you felt it fully. You can’t help but wish that whatever was missing would have been there from the beginning. When you’ve ended a relationship for no other reason than that it just wasn’t working, it’s hard to let go of the idea that it was almost right.
  2. You wonder if you’ll actually find someone better. It feels like you were so close at obtaining what you’ve been looking for, and you wonder if another “him” will come across anytime soon. At the same time, he gives you hope that what you’re looking for is definitely out there, and that eventually all the dots will be connected.
  3. You question if you made the right choice. You wonder if you were being too picky, or if what you’re looking for is really what you want to hold out for. You replay the relationship from multiple angles wondering if it’s just you who had the skewed perception of what could have been. But then you remember that he let you go, too, so it just wasn’t meant to be.
  4. You still feel a little bit of breakup grief. Even though it wasn’t the relationship you wanted in the end, you still feel his absence when he’s no longer in your life. The daily texts, lazy Netflix nights, and the silly little inside jokes you had are still missed. You liked him for a reason, and those memories still exist.
  5. You wish you knew what was going on in his life these days. You wonder if he’s found someone, and what she’s like, if so. You wonder if she appreciates the good qualities about him the way you did. It’s natural to think of people we once invested time in, and regardless of whether or not it was a short relationship, you still think of him sometimes, especially since there were no hard feelings in the end.
  6. You’re certain you made the right decision. Eventually, you get to a place where you’re fine with things not working out. There’s nothing bad to say about this guy, he just wasn’t right for you — the one who is, is still out there. It’s okay to date great guys that you’re not going to end up with forever. A great relationship experience that just wasn’t right is better than a crappy one that was so completely wrong.
  7. You wish him well. The great guy you dated is someone you want to see happy. You smile when you hear about his engagement or baby on the way, because you know he deserves it. It’s not to say everyone doesn’t deserve to go on and be happy, but you definitely feel it more when the relationship was as good as it was — and ended on such good terms. He wasn’t the right guy for you in the end, but he was pretty great.