7 Texts You’re Sending That Are Ruining Your Relationships

Looking for love isn’t easy, and the struggle isn’t over once we finally meet someone we click well with and can actually see ourselves dating long-term. There are some crucial mistakes you may be making when it comes to interacting with your new potential partner. In fact, sending certain types of messages could be keeping you single.

According to a study by Match.com, roughly 84% of people are totally put off by the messages they receive from people they’re dating, and the reasons for their dissatisfaction are pretty intense—especially since most of us are guilty of them. Here are the 7 biggest offenders.

  1. Answering only one question of many that were asked Is there anything more annoying than asking several questions of someone and only getting an answer to one? Sure, sometimes it’s a simple oversight, but if you’re truly engaged in the conversation and reading the messages you receive thoroughly, you should catch the error and answer promptly. A whopping 40% of survey respondents expressed annoyance with those who don’t.
  2. Sending too many messages Another classic. While double texting isn’t the end of the world, 35% of people say that getting too many messages in a row is a major turn-off. We all have lives and are very busy, so sending text after text before the recipient has had a chance to read and respond isn’t just annoying, it comes off as a bit desperate.
  3. Sending corny selfies It’s tempting to send the person you’re dating some sexy snapshots, but there is such a thing as trying too hard—and 34% of people say cheesy selfies can totally change the way they view someone they thought they were previously attracted to. If you’re asked for a pic and you feel comfortable sending one, by all means do, but maybe save the duck lips or the FaceTuned shots for your camera roll.
  4. Taking forever to reply It’s not hard to understand why 33% of people find it maddening to have to wait forever to get a reply to a text they’ve sent. Again, while everyone understands how busy our lives can be, it’s rude not to message back, even if it’s just to say that you’re having a hectic day and will get back ASAP. Playing games is for kids, so be an adult and text back in a timely manner.
  5. Overusing emojis Using emojis to spice up conversation can be fun with our BFFs, but 39% of people say using too many—the poo face and the eggplant being the worst offenders—is not a good look. If you’re using emojis in place of actual words, there’s a serious problem. Keep their use to a minimum for maximum effect.
  6. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation You don’t have to be an Ivy League scholar with expert level knowledge of the AP Style Guide, but 32% of people really aren’t into dating someone who can’t at least construct a grammatically proper sentence. Shorthand typing may be quicker, especially when you’re in a hurry, but knowing the difference between “there” and “their” could make all the difference in your dating life.
  7. Using obnoxious pet names like “bae” Nope, it’s not cute—28% of people really aren’t into being called “bae,” “babe,” or any other cheesy term of endearment you come up with. Learn how to read the room, so to speak—if your texting partner doesn’t talk like that, maybe you shouldn’t either (at least until you’re actually coupled up and this becomes a lovable quirk rather than a cringe-worthy turn-off).
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