7 Things That Happened In ‘Love Actually’ That Will Never Happen In Real Life

Though many of us would like to believe that life can be like the movies, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way. Often times, it’s not even close. During the holiday season especially, it’s quite difficult to not hope that love will fill the air and find us like in the movie “Love Actually”. Unfortunately, nothing is more unlikely. Here are 7 things that happened in Love Actually that will never happen in real life:

  1. Marrying the British Prime Minister, who also happens to be your boss. The likelihood of this happening is really a dime a dozen. These guys are most likely already married, dating a super model/celebrity-type, or on the verge of retiring from old age. Yes, in certain cases like Prince William’s, he finds his Kate Middleton, but trust me, it’s most likely not going to be you.
  2. Falling in love with someone who speaks a language that you completely don’t understand (and vice versa). Love at first sight is a beautiful thing to believe in. Unfortunately, real life takes many other factors into consideration. Communication is one of those factors. A marriage can’t run purely off of love at first sight.
  3. A man flying halfway across the globe to propose to a woman he hardly knows. This grand gesture most definitely doesn’t happen in real life because honestly, it’s ridiculous. At some point, sanity has to kick in and remind you that you shouldn’t marry someone that you hardly know a thing about. On top of that, flying to a foreign country to propose? Nope.
  4. An entire town following that man to witness him propose to her. In real life, people don’t actually care that much about your personal life to the point where a giant mob follows you to witness a proposal. Maybe if you paid them, they would?
  5. A five-way between four girls and a British guy… and then said British guy bringing home one those girls. Yes, it’s true that some people may travel just to get “action” in that department, but a five-way…that’s just absurd. One big stereotype that this movie points out is that a British guy can simply walk into any bar in America (even in Wisconsin) and get laid immediately. Sorry fellas, that’s not how it works.
  6. Getting past every security guard at an airport just to say “I love you” to someone. How many movies have that scene where the guy (or girl) rushes to the airport, train station, or even bus station in order to stop the love from leaving before they say, “I love you”? Yes, this is another big romantic gesture that we all dream of, but airport security is quite tough these days. And to get through the gate without a boarding pass, past an entire security team? That’s definitely not going to happen.

A guy showing up to you door with giant poster-boards that tell you exactly how he feels. Because guys are definitely not that creative, nor are they good at communicating how they feel in such a straightforward manner.

Lindsey is a Digital Advertising Professional and Freelance Writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @lindseyruns