7 Things You Never Knew About One-Night Stands

7 Things You Never Knew About One-Night Stands ©iStock/Fabianaponzi

There are many reasons to have a one-night stand, but what do we actually know about them, beyond the whole “no strings attached sex” bit? Here are 7 things you probably never knew about one-night stands:

  1. Some of them actually have led to relationships. When people talk about one-night stands, they focus on two strangers having fun and then never seeing each other again. But there is always an exception to a rule. A recent survey found 27 percent of people have turned a one night stand into a real relationship.
  2. Women end up regretting them more. Sadly, women aren’t waking up the next day feeling great. Research revealed that 80 percent of men have positive feelings the next day, while only 54 percent of women can say the same. Many women instead feel regret, or like they were used.
  3. Women want a specific penis size for one-night stands. When a woman wants a man solely for sex, she expects him to be packing! A study published in PLOS One found that women want a larger penis — on average, 6.4 inches long and a circumference of 5.0 inches.
  4. It’s less satisfying than a booty call. If your goal is to have good orgasmic sex, then opt for your friend with benefits rather than a stranger. A survey performed by Peter Jonason of the University of West Florida found that booty calls lead to “freakier” sex that may involve roleplay. However, one-night stands involved less sex and more kissing and foreplay.
  5. Men who have a lot of them tend to be narcissists.  If a guy you know brags about all of his one-night stands, then that could be a red flag. A study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science found men who are really into casual sex tend to be “more sexist, manipulative, coercive and narcissistic” than others.
  6. Women with wide hips are more likely to do it. It’s time to bring out the measuring tape! Scientists at Leeds University found women with hips wider than 14.2 inches are more likely to jump into the sack, unlike women with 12.2 inches wide hips or smaller.
  7. It’s not a millennial’s first choice. There’s a stereotype that millennials are all about Netflix and chill to get casual sex., but that’s only their backup plan! Research performed by the University of Portland found 78.2 percent of people between the ages 18-25 mostly have sex with a person who is their spouse or a significant other.
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