7 TV Couples That Keep You Believing In Love

There are plenty of TV relationships that you make more than happy to be single. There are also shows that will make you reach for your phone to see if Tinder is actually not as bad as you remember it, just so that you can have a perfect man of your own. These are the programs that have you considering seriously looking for a boyfriend, if only to turn him into one of these characters. These couples might not be realistic, but they’re the definition of relationship goals.

  1. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation. If you have a history of such truly awful dates that you’ve considered calling it quits and becoming a cat lady, it’s entirely possible that Leslie Knope is your spirit animal. Leslie was so relatable because her dating life was the actual worst, which made it even more inspiring when she found Ben. He was adorable, had a great butt, and was fine letting Leslie become the first lady prez while he watched in the background. If you didn’t cry when they got engaged, there’s truly no hope for you.
  2. April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. While they aren’t as truly adorable as Leslie and Ben, they’re still perfectly suited for each other. Donna Meagle put it best when she said “Oh, Andy, you’re fine, but you’re simple.” Andy might not be everyone’s dream man, but he’s a great balance for the super sarcastic April.
  3. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Despite the fact that Chuck Bass was kind of the worst (he did, after all, sell Blair for a hotel) after uttering, “I’m Chuck Bass,” he convinced everyone (including you and Blair) that he was reformable. If you didn’t have a fantasy that involved making out with a scarfed man on top of a roof, GG gave you one immediately. If you’ve encountered your own personal Chuck Bass, you know that it doesn’t always have a happy ending. That’s why it’s so satisfying (albeit unrealistic) to see them get their own.
  4. Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen from The O.C. Seth and Summer were absolutely adorable, mostly because Seth Cohen is the most perfect man. Ryan was supposed to be the irresistible bad boy, but Seth was the real breakout of the show. He was hysterical, super self-deprecating (mostly because he was kind of an anxious mess), had ultra-indie music on his playlist, and he even owned a boat (just like every guy on Tinder does).
  5. Kevin and Jenny MacArthur from The League. Unlike the other couples on this list, they were already married when the show started, so you don’t get to see their courtship. While they’re not exactly the most romantic, they’re hysterical and an example of a marriage that’s not the worst. Jenny proves that you can be one of the boys, no matter how old you are.
  6. Joey Potter and Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek. Much like The O.C., it was obvious that viewers were expected to fall in love with Dawson, instead of Pacey. But despite Pacey’s bowl cut, he was obviously the superior suitor. Their chemistry was off the charts, even when they were sniping at each other nonstop.
  7. Buffy Summers and Spike from Buffy the Vampire SlayerEven if you were a hardcore Angel fan, you have to admit that Spuffy was everything. Seeing Buffy fall in love with Angel, and then seeing him become a demon, was way too real for anyone who’s ever been with a dbag (i.e., all of us). Spike might’ve been a dbag to begin with, but at least he was a lovable one.
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