7 Types Of Awful Guys That Will Never Change

Nobody’s perfect. We all have our flaws and we can’t expect the men we date to come without baggage. Still, there are certain personality types and traits that are huge red flags when it comes to potential male suitors. These guys will NEVER change! You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

The Mama’s Boy.

You want him to love his mom, but you don’t want a full-on Oedipal complex. Mama’s boys are especially dangerous because there are two distinct types you need to beware of – the first one loves his mom a little too much, and nothing you ever do will match up to the way Mommy Dearest does it. The other type is the guy that’s been so coddled by his overbearing mother that he just can’t function without her. This guy’s looking for a replacement cook, maid and assistant. Stay away.

The Workaholic.

There’s a difference between being ambitious and driven to succeed and being a workaholic. The workaholic can never turn work off and worse, he doesn’t want to. He would rather be closing deals than enjoying a romantic evening for two. While his ambition may be sexy and admirable in the beginning of the relationship, he will always put work ahead of your relationship. Let workaholics be single with all of their success.

Mr. Lukewarm.

If a guy is just not that into you in the beginning, he never will be. That’s hard to hear, but it’s true. Have you really ever changed your opinion on anything in life that you’ve felt lukewarm about? No guy will ever decide six months in that he’s so in love with you he cannot spend the rest of his life without you.

The Shallow Stud.

If a guy has more grooming appointments over the weekend than you do, he’s way too into his looks. You don’t want to have him competing with you to see which one of you has better pores. This will not get better as he gets older. His life and time will become more consumed by keeping himself looking young than spending time with you. Do not date this guy. If you do, you will always be in a threesome with him and the mirror.

The Manchild.

Netflix and takeout are cute dates that everyone should have, but those shouldn’t be the only activities you two do together. Adults do things. They go to museums and charity functions and on hikes. If every time you hang out he chooses to bring you to the dive bar to meet up with his friends, chances are he doesn’t want to will grow up and never will.

The Womanizer.

He’ll wine you, dine you, hook up with you and will be up front that he’s dating other people. But the intimacy you share is so intense, you’re sure he’s going to break it off with those other girls faster than a Kardashian can call the paparazzi. Wrong. That’s part of a womanizer’s game to keep you reeled in. To him, you’ll always just be part of his harem.

The Selfish Guy.

It can be a very blurry line between what we should put up with in a relationship for love and allowing someone to take advantage of our emotions. Luckily, selfish guys come complete with tons of red flags and they don’t try to hide them. If a guy is always prioritizing his wants and needs without considering yours, say sayonara. If he pouts the first time you decide not to compromise and give him his way, he most likely won’t attempt to accommodate your wants and needs down the line. Everything will always be all about him.

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